47.6 percent of meta-to-charge creators are on the digital asset sales horizon

Facebook’s core meta platforms will charge manufacturers about 47.5 percent for the sale of digital assets and experiences created within the company’s virtual reality platform Horizon Worlds.

A total of 30 percent of the overall charge for sales made through the Meta Quest store is a hardware platform fee, where it sells apps and games for its virtual reality headsets and a further 17.5 percent is deducted as its Horizon platform fee, a Meta spokesman told Reuters on Wednesday. .

On Monday, the tech giant said it would begin testing tools for creators to sell digital assets and, as a result, make money in Horizon Worlds, a key part of plans to create a metaverse.

Meta CEO Mark Zuckerberg was critical of Apple’s App Store fee of 30 percent, but Meta’s latest move to charge manufacturers about half of their sales on their own platform has angered many.

Facebook’s parent company, which changed its name last year to Metaverse, has invested heavily in virtual and augmented reality to reflect its new bets, the future concept of a network of virtual environments accessed through a variety of devices where users can work, socialize . And play.

Meta’s Horizon Worlds, a broader VR social platform, and Horizon Venues, which focuses on virtual events, are early repetitions of spaces like Metavers.

Thomson Reuters 2022

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