7 Best Digital Signature Apps for Android

Adobe Phil and Sign Best Digital Signature Apps Android

Digital signatures are now a way of life. We rely very little on physical documents and you can now digitally sign many documents legally. Fortunately, the number of tools for this is rather small. Only a few companies work in this area and you probably know at least one of them. For the most part, the company you deal with will choose this tool for you, so this list is for most independent workers and small business owners who are looking for an easy solution. Here is the best digital signature app for Android.

The best digital signature app for Android

Adobe Fill & Sign

Price: Free

Adobe Fill and Sign Screenshot 2022 - The Best Digital Signature App

Adobe is one of the biggest names in the industry for many jobs. Adobe Fill & Sign is one of the best digital signature apps. It has several useful features. For starters, you can use your camera to scan and then sign documents. You can, of course, sign digital documents already in your possession.

The app works fairly well, though it can work flashy on occasions and put text boxes where you don’t want them. Adobe usually charges an arm and a leg for this type of thing, but as far as I can tell, you can use it for free.


Price: Free / 10- $ 40 per month

DocuSign Screenshot 2022 - The Best Digital Signature App for Android

DoCoSine is probably the most popular digital signature service on the Internet. Tons of businesses use it, and you’ve probably used it if you sign a digital document. The app works according to your expectations. You open the app, sign the document and send your document on its way.

You can also save a signature for quick signing later if you wish. Lastly, the app also keeps track of things like sign dates so you can keep everything in order. The free version sometimes works for documents, but you will need more subscriptions if you want to sign documents frequently or if you want some additional business features.

Microsoft Word

Price: Free / 6.99 per month / $ 69.99 per year

Microsoft Word Screenshot 2022 2

Joe Hindi / Android Authority

Believe it or not, you can sign documents in Microsoft Word. Here is the tutorial on how to do it. The tutorial explains how to create a signature certificate and then how to document it to make it official. This is a fairly straightforward process.

Microsoft Word is an easy way to digitally sign documents when you get used to the process, since it has many more uses than just signing documents. Of course, if you want optional subscriptions, you can extend the functionality with Office 365.


Price: Free trial / + 8 + per month

Signeasy is a worthy competitor to DocuSign and it does a lot of the same. You import a document, sign it and send it where it should go. Part of its attraction is the ability to work with a variety of file formats, including PDFs, Word documents, PNG and more.

Other features include support for 24 languages, integration with popular cloud storage solutions and the ability to collect personal signatures. This is a fantastic surroundings option, although you need a subscription to do any real work. The trial version gives you three free signed documents, but you must subscribe after that.

Zoho sign

Price: Free / 10- $ 22 per month

Zoho Sign Screenshot 2022 - The Best Digital Signature App

Zoho Sign is another great app for digital signatures. It boasts of the same features as many of its competitors You can create, send and sign documents, scan to digitize documents with your camera, and it integrates with popular cloud storage solutions.

It has a reminder function, different signature methods (signature, initials, etc.) and simple notifications when you send a document and someone signs it. Some controls are a bit weird, but otherwise, it works pretty well. The free version provides you with five documents per month. The minimum subscription level increases that number to 25 (and adds some other features). Strictly for some business use more expensive than this.

Any document scanner app

Price: Free / modified

Camscanner screenshot 2022

Document scanner apps are a potentially effective way to get from point A to point B. All of these allow you to do the same thing as most digital signature applications You can scan your documents so you can send them to other people to sign. This is especially useful for digitizing documents that you can send to multiple recipients.

There are some good options in this place. Camscanners (linked below) like Adobe Scan, Genius Scan and Fast Scanner are a good one. If you would like more recommendations, we have a complete list of document scanner apps here

Almost any web browser

Price: Free

Firefox screenshot 2022

Many of the services mentioned above actually work in a web browser. I personally witnessed it because I signed the document for college and worked directly from a link sent to my email. I simply click on the link, it loads something like DocuSign into a web browser and I can sign in from there. This is a great way to deal with one-off digital signatures, and you don’t necessarily need a full app.

Of course, you’ll probably want a well-supported browser, such as Firefox (linked below), to make sure all functions are supported, but otherwise you should be fine. If you want more options, here is a list of the best web browsers for Android

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