9 best dance apps for Android

Hip Hop Dance is the best dance app for Android

Dance is an art form and exercise that we have been using for thousands of years. People do it on TikTok for likes, and some people jazzize to lose weight. Many dances are designed to express many different emotions or to move many parts of the body. There are only so many to list There are some options in the case of the app. A real life instructor would be good in almost all cases, but a quick study can find some dance moves on their phone without too much effort. Here are the best dance apps for Android.

We would like to make an honorable mention of Koros (Google Play). It has live interactive classes and is easily one of the best. However, at $ 59.99 per month, it’s a tough app to consider considering how expensive it is. Still, those who do not mind raising funds will have a better experience there.

The best dance app for Android

Body groove

Price: Free / 13.99 per month / $ 99.99 per year

Body Groove Screenshot 2022

Body Groove is a dance workout app that teaches you to dance and help you lose weight. It has a variety of workout collections depending on what type of dance you want. The entire collection is available with a subscription, so you can use it whenever you want.

This is a good dance app, especially for fitness purposes. It’s a bit expensive, though we think developers have increased the monthly rate to encourage users to go annual.

Dance fitness with Jessica

Price: Free / প্রতি 19.99 per month / $ 179.99 per year

Dance Fitness with Jessica Screenshot 2022

Dance Fitness with Jessica is a different kind of dance app. It brings experience to the title brand’s official app and mobile devices. Whether you like it or not is entirely thematic, but there are a variety of workout routines and dance exercises to perform.

There are dances specifically for different types of workouts. For example, a weight loss dance is different from a toning dance. This is one of the most expensive on the list, so make sure you really enjoy that free trial before signing up.


Price: . 17.99 per month

Everdance is a directional dance app. It contains lessons for everything from ballet to belly dance, including modern dances such as Tawark, Hip-Hop, K-Pop and more. Of course, you can also get traditional things like salsa dancing. It’s a bit of a community platform. Teachers and schools can upload their courses directly to the app. Like Udemy or Coursera but think for the dance.

It comes with a rather expensive monthly subscription, but there are several classes to take The only downside is that they don’t let you see what the app looks like before you ask for a subscription. A demo version with a few introductory classes can go a long way here.

Hip hop dance

Price: Free / 1.49

Hip Hop Dance Screenshot 2022

Sounds like hip hop dance workout. It teaches you how to dance in a certain way and then you workout with your new dance. It also helps with practice, footwork and more. The only caveat is that it is difficult for newcomers to enter. Otherwise, it is cheap and effective, and you will lose some weight and learn some dance moves with it.

Now just dance

Price: Free / 2.99 per month / $ 24.99 per year

Just Dance Now screenshot 2022

Just dance is not technically a game, but it is a game that teaches you how to dance. It uses real pop songs that you probably know or have heard before. It uses a Chromecast intelligently to make it work. You Chromecast the game on your TV and use your phone as a remote ৷ From there, you copy the dance moves to your television.

There are some things in the game that we don’t like. It has a currency-based energy system that allows you to dance as often as you want and your currency can run out quickly. In fact, it is the single biggest complaint of the game. Other than that, the game teaches you to dance and have fun. It just takes some patience.

Pocket salsa

Price: 99 4.99

Pocket Salsa is a very common dance app. It has over 100 dance lessons to teach you the basics of salsa dance It contains every episode of Addicted2Salsa with some salsa music tracks so you can practice. This is a self-contained package, so you’ll get all the video and music content for the app’s original price.

There is not much wrong with this except for not offering much for middle or advanced dancers. Lessons may be better organized, but otherwise, that’s what you see.


Price: Free / 19.99 per month / $ 99.99 per year

Steezy is another instructional dance app, and it’s quite popular. It has over 800 dance courses covering hip-hop, K-pop, house and more. Classes also range from beginners to specialists, so there is an advancement system to keep you dancing and improving. Classes are shown as instructional videos, as you can see in the YouTube video above.

This is the most expensive monthly subscription on the list. However, this app seems to be the most serious instructional app on the list, so it may actually be worth it. We recommend trying it before making a long-term commitment.


Price: Free / 99 12.99 per month

YouTube is a great choice for budget dancers. You can find thousands of instructional videos, tutorials and dance fitness videos. This is useful for learning a specific dance moves, and some producers take classes and rely on YouTube ad revenue for revenue. In terms of authentic educational value, the big attraction here is that the new dance tutorials are on YouTube long before they go anywhere else.

Free to use YouTube, obviously, or you can pay YouTube 12.99 per month for YouTube Premium, which comes with a YouTube Music subscription. The combination of music and video services is especially good for people who need music for art.

Any music streaming app

Price: Free / modified

Spotify screenshot 2022 1

It’s a bit of an obvious pick, but we’re making it anyway. You need music for the dance, and thus, a music streaming service. A clear pick for Spotify’s popularity, however, you can use any streaming service. Most artists upload a new song to every available service during the launch so you can dance to the latest hits on virtually all of them.

In addition, SoundCloud provides excellent tunes by underground artists that you won’t find in mainstream content. This is all just an idea. When you try them you will know which one is right for you.

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