A new phone like the BlackBerry Key 2 could come

Unihertz BlackBerry style phone


  • BlackBerry fans can finally get a phone of their choice.
  • Unihertz is teasing a new phone that looks like a BlackBerry Key 2.

While BlackBerry fans may have a treat, Unihertz is teasing a phone that seems to be inspired by the iconic brand.

BlackBerry fans have been buzzing for years. The one-time leader in mobile failed to adapt to changes in Apple’s iPhone and Google’s Android market and quickly fell out of favor. Even a switch on Android as its operating system could not stop the decline of the brand. Nonetheless, thanks to its ubiquitous keyboard, fans of the brand have a solid foundation – fans are about to get a BlackBerry-Esc Android phone from Unihertz.

Unihertz already builds different lines of smartphones, with an emphasis on being a little different from the big players, sporting designs that are more unique and have a tendency to throw back over the years. Some of the company’s designs are already reminiscent of BlackBerry phones, but the company is still teasing about what could be its most BlackBerry-like model:

Coming soon …
Just stay with!

Everything you see in the photo is very similar to the BlackBerry Key 2. Other than that, nothing more is known about the new model, including the release date, name or specs.

This is not the first time that companies have tried to revive BlackBerry Onward Mobility was the last company to launch it, initially licensed to make new BlackBerry models before the license was pulled. Still, if Unihartz can nail the keyboard and typing experience that made BlackBerry famous, combined with Android’s familiarity, it could hurt his hands.

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