Airtel, Tech Mahindra 5G, grouped for digital solutions across private networks,

On Thursday, Bharti Airtel and Tech Mahindra announced a strategic partnership to jointly develop and market enterprise-grade digital solutions across 5G, private networks and the cloud.

Telecom operator Airtel is showcasing and testing 5G in India, while IT services chief Tech Mahindra has developed 5G applications and platforms.

Airtel and Tech Mahindra will co-develop and market 5G usage in India, according to a statement.

The two companies will set up a joint 5G innovation lab to develop the use of ‘Make-in-India’ for the Indian and global markets.

They will also bring to market customized enterprise-grade private networks, which will be at the core of the digital economy.

These solutions will focus on integrating Airtel’s integrated connectivity portfolio of 5G Ready mobile networks, Fiber and Internet of Things (IoT) with Tech Mahindra’s system integration capabilities.

The companies will primarily focus on segments such as automobiles, aviation, ports, utilities, chemicals, oil and gas, and expand into other industries.

Airtel and Tech Mahindra will also offer Cloud and Content Delivery Network (CDN) solutions for businesses, the statement said.

Ganesh Laxminarayanan, CEO-Enterprise Business, Bharti Airtel, says: “With proven technological capabilities and deep customer trust enjoyed by both brands, we believe this is a winning partnership.”

Manish Bass, President, Communications, Media and Entertainment Business and CEO, Network Services, Tech Mahindra, noted that the 5G ecosystem will unlock vast opportunities for industry across different sectors to improve productivity and enhance customer experience through digitally-driven new-age platforms. The solution

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