Amazon’s ring camera is risky for hackers, the lawsuit claims in the United States

A homeowner in Alabama has filed a lawsuit against and its Ring Home Security Camera Unit, alleging that faulty camera design puts buyers at risk of cyber attacks. In a proposed class action filed Thursday, John Baker Orange says an unknown hacker recently accessed his ring camera while his 7, 9 and 10 year olds were playing basketball on the driveway and encouraged them to get closer through its speaker system. Camera.

Orange, who said he paid $ 249 (approximately 17 17,800) for his camera in July, said the cameras only work when connected to the Internet and are “fatally flawed” because they do not protect against cyber attacks, the “peace” of the ring. Despite its assurances, the mind is “and” smart security here, there, everywhere. “

A spokesman for Ring said the California-based company Santa Monica does not discuss legal issues.

The lawsuit, filed in Los Angeles federal court, seeks indefinite damages from Ring and Seattle-based Amazon, as well as improved protection for new and existing ring cameras.

It follows several reported incidents of hackers breaking into homes through ring cameras, when a man repeatedly called an 8-year-old Mississippi girl a racist slanderer and called her Santa Claus.

Orange lawyer John Yanchunis said in an interview that “a company that sells a device that is supposed to protect the occupants of a home should not be a platform for those potential occupants.”

The ring’s main product is a doorbell with a security camera and allows homeowners to communicate and interact with visitors through a phone app even when they are not at home.

Amazon says it bought the ring in April 2018 for 83 839 million (approximately Rs 5,992 crore) in cash.

Orange, who lives in Jefferson County, Alabama, says he changed his “medium-strong” password and started using two-factor authentication for his camera after learning about the incidents involving his children.

“Many devices are connected to the Internet, and consumers do not easily understand how it can be so easily exploited,” said Yanchunis.

The case is Orange v. Ring LLC et al, US District Court, Central District of California, Nos. 19-10899.

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