Android 13 can provide better gaming performance

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Dhruv Bhutani / Android Authority


  • Android 13 can help load games faster and offer better performance.
  • Game developers can gain more control over Shader.

According to the newly discovered code in Android 13 Developer Preview, Android gamers can get a pleasant surprise with Android 13.

According to Mishal Rahman, the latest Preview Game Manager has added a new method to the API. New method, setGameState, Will allow a game to pass the status of the platform and whether it is currently loading something This, in turn, can help speed up game loading by prioritizing its CPU usage and offering better overall performance.

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Using the new method, games can tell the system if they should be interrupted. This feature can directly affect loading times by allowing developers to increase system CPU performance and not allow them to interfere with loading resources, resources, and more. Since resource loading often slows down a game, this upgrade can significantly enhance the overall experience, creating a more non-stop transition from one scene or sequence to another.

In addition to setting game status, Android 13 is also ready to bring programmable shaders to games, which will give developers more options than the current runtime shader. This will allow developers to create more advanced graphics and give them fine-tuned control over how their games look.

If these features turn it into a production version, Android 13 could offer some great boosts in gaming performance and give developers the ability to make their games look better.

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