Apple CEO Tim Cook’s alleged stocker has agreed to stay away

A woman accused of harassing Apple CEO Tim Cook with sex and other unsolicited advice has agreed to stay away from him for the next three years under an agreement approved on Tuesday before threatening to show up at his Silicon Valley home last October.

Julie Lee Choi agreed to a negotiating agreement with Apple during an appearance in the Santa Clara County Superior Court. Cook, Apple’s CEO for the past decade, was not present at the event in San Jose, California.

Choi, 45, declined to comment after the hearing when he angrily dismissed two journalists who had taken pictures of him outside the court. An Apple lawyer declined to comment.

The court ordered Choi to refrain from coming within 200 yards of Cook within the next three years and to refrain from attempting to communicate with him through any electronic means, including a Twitter account or email. If he violates the terms, Choi could face criminal charges and potentially go to jail.

The bizarre case dates back to late 2020 when Choi began emailing Cook asking her to have sex with him and attaching a picture of a handgun that he insisted he had bought, according to evidence Apple submitted in January for a temporary restraining order against him. Gave. . Those documents also show that Choi set up multiple fake companies trying to link him to Cook, sometimes listing an Apple office as its headquarters.

“I can’t live like this anymore,” Choi wrote in an email sent to Cook from an iPhone. “I want to have sex with you, please, please.”

Cook has publicly stated that he is a homosexual, but Choi admits that his request to her continued. “Tim, if our lives are determined, we can meet in any situation,” Choi wrote in a December email, telling him where he was in San Jose at the time.

Choi told him last September that he wanted to apply for a “roommate” in Palo Alto, California – and that Apple was taking legal action to apply at his condominium, about 15 miles from Apple’s headquarters in Cupertino, California.

In October, Choi showed up at two separate activities outside Cook’s home and warned he could be “violent,” according to court documents.

Then, in another December email, Choi told Cook that he would forgive her $ 500 million (approximately Rs 3,800 crore) in cash.

A few weeks later, Apple requested a temporary restraining order on a request that Choi “be armed” and “return to the Apple CEO’s residence in the near future or else identify him.” Choi lived in McLean, Virginia, before Cook’s shadow began in Silicon Valley.

Apple last year paid more than 30 630,000 (about কোটি 5 million) for a security system designed to protect Cook, according to a company release to shareholders.

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