Apple closes Russian Mir card card loophole for Apple Pay: Sberbank

US tech giant Apple has suspended its Apple Pay service for Russia’s Mir card payment system, Russia’s largest lender and financing system said on Friday, shutting down an error that allowed Russians to continue using the service.

Apple has restricted the use of Apple Pay, which began operating in Russia in 2016, following Russia’s decision on February 24 to send thousands of troops to Ukraine, barring Russian MasterCard and Visa cardholders from using the service.

But according to Russia’s National Card Payment System (NSPK), Russia’s home system, Mir, remained connected to Apple Pay until that access was removed on Thursday.

“Apple has informed NSP that it is suspending support for Mir cards in the Apple Pay payment service. Users will not be able to add new Mir cards to the service from March 24. Apple will stop all activity on previously added cards in the next few days.” Dr. NSP on Friday.

Russia’s influential lender, Sberbank, said Apple, which did not respond to Reuters’ request for comment, had informed the bank of its decision to restrict further access to Apple Pay services.

“There will be no more use of the Mir card in Apple Pay,” the bank said

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