Apple Services Recovered After Disruption: Apple Music, Apple TV +, App Store Was

Apple Corps has announced that all of its services, including the App Store, Apple TV and Apple Music, have resumed following the disruption that began Monday afternoon. About a dozen Apple services were shut down for thousands of users. The company’s system status page features 11 deviations, including podcasts, music and arcades. It says Apple is investigating the issue and that services may be slow or unavailable.

According to outage tracking website, more than 4,000 users have reported problems with Apple Music access, with about 4,000 reporting problems with iCloud.

Users have also flagged issues with “Find My iPhone”, Apple Store, maps and support.

Dowindetector collects status reports from various sources, including errors submitted by the user on its platform and tracks the discrepancies. Disruptions can affect a large number of users

The company responded to the affected users on Twitter, but it was not immediately clear what caused the breach.

According to Bloomberg News, Apple’s corporate employees are working from home and retailers are also facing problems. The disruption has delayed limited staff access to product repairs, pickups and internal websites, the report said.

According to the report, Apple employees said the breach originated from the domain name system or DNS – an Internet address book that enables computers to match website addresses with the correct server.

In a number of incidents over the past year, DNS issues have caused widespread disruption on social media platforms, including Facebook and Instagram, and have brought down the websites of airlines and banks for hours.

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