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3 out of 6 LG grams

Finding a new laptop can be time consuming, not mind boggling. You have to decide a lot of hardware and software, and it may seem like you are comparing apples and oranges. It’s not meant to be a Mac pun, but it does highlight the fact that you have to choose everything, including your operating system. Even after narrowing down your preferences, compressing the best laptop deals can be more difficult.

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We’ve tried to make it easy to find new laptop deals. Below we’ve rounded up some of the best options available right now, and we’ve also organized our deals by manufacturer.

Featured Agreement: Save 32% on LG Gram 15.6-inch notebooks

LG Gram 15.6 Inch Full HD Notebook Adorama Deal

The LG Gram Notebook really provides a bang for your buck. You’re expected to provide four figures with the specs of the offer and you usually have to. But this Adorama deal lets you choose a 15.6-inch Full HD laptop for just $ 749 ($ 350 off).

The new 2021 LG Gram Series offers a refreshed design with a thin bezel around the 16:10 aspect ratio screen. Underneath the hood, you’ll find an Intel 11th-Gen Core processor, Iris Xe graphics, 16GB RAM and a 512GB SSD.

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Unlike previous models, the latest Gram laptops are now Intel Evo certified, giving them a baseline for faster waking time, faster performance, faster charging and longer battery life.

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LG Gram 15.6-inch Full HD notebook

Intel Core i5-1135G7 • 16GB RAM • 512GB SSD

Let it happen with LG Gram. It is a heavyweight force inside an ultra-light body. And with a completely new design and long battery life, you’re ready for the next level

The best laptop deals

All of these agreements were effective at the time of writing, but we will update them with new savings as soon as we find them.

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Lenovo deal

Lenovo IdeaPad Gaming 3i profile left

Eric Zeman / Android Authority

Lenovo has been leading the laptop scene for as long as it has been around, holding the title as one of the top producers in the world. It has created many well-known product lines, but nothing more than the fictional addition 2-in-1s. The name Yoga has even begun to leak on other lines, such as the powerful ThinkPad for productivity.

Many of Lenovo’s high-end machines have unique hinge designs that blend beauty and power. When you combine these high performance and quality with their significant savings, you are sure to find some good laptops at better prices.

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Many of our best laptop deals from Lenovo are equipped with at least one Intel Core i5 chip, 8GB memory and 256GB storage. If you’re ready for a flexible new laptop, check out these top picks:

Dell Laptop Deal

Dell laptop deal

Lenovo could send more units, Dell could be the most recognized name for American laptops. From the near-perfect XPS line to the accessible Inspiron series, Dell has an option for every customer. It even covers durable Chromebooks for students, including the Chromebook 3100

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We’ve tried our best to hit a few different price points, so check out our best options here:

It’s also worth looking at some of the most recent renewed deals you can get from Dell. You can often save up to 40% or more on different models, especially if you check the Coupons and Deals section.

Microsoft Surface Deal

Microsoft Surface Book 3 back connected option 2

Microsoft’s flexible 2-in-1s are its bread and butter. The Surface Pro 7 and Surface Pro X are the latest of many powerful options, although each has a different purpose. For example, if you choose the Surface Pro 7, you get a machine made for full-sized apps and can handle a breeze like Photoshop. Surface Pro X, on the other hand, is built for cloud-based apps and offers an LTE connection that you can take anywhere.

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Here are the best Surface Deals right now:

HP Laptop Deal

HP Chromebook 11 Inch Laptop Promo Image

Matt Horn / Android Authority

HP is the manufacturer behind the powerful Specter line, but it is far from a one-trick pony. It’s easy to jump into the budget-friendly pavilion line, while the Women brand brings high-end gaming power to a redesigned body. Many of our top picks offer the latest 10th generation Intel hardware and we’ve included a few different price points to suit your budget.

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Other laptop deals

Razor blade 15 5

Eger Bonifacio / Android Authority

If we try to give each manufacturer its own category, we will be here all day. There are so many options that we couldn’t list them before the contracts expired We’re keeping in mind some of our “best of the best” deals in this section.

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We’ve added Samsung and LG options, Apple deals and a razor pick. For a complete rundown of the glasses you have to check every deal, but be compelled to be one that meets your needs.

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