Twitter is working on the much-awaited edit button to make it available for Twitter

Twitter has been seen as a way for users to edit tweets on microblogging platforms. The feature was first seen on the Twitter web interface and could make its way to Android and iOS apps in the future. The ability to edit after posting tweets has been requested by users for several years. Twitter has already confirmed that the service is already working on an edit button, which will make its way to Twitter Blue users in the coming months.

The edit button for Twitter was first seen on the web interface by developer Alessandro Paluji, who shared a screenshot of the feature on Twitter. A Edit Tweet After posting a tweet, the option is shown in the three-point menu under the option to view the tweet analysis. According to a screenshot shared by Paluzzi, clicking the button brings up a Composer window with the ability to edit (or rewrite) the tweet, in blue. Update Button normal replacement Tweet Button

Although this is the first instance of the new edit button being seen, it is likely that the feature will evolve and change during development. It is unknown at this time what he will do after leaving the post. Another Twitter user Nima Oowji (nima_owji) shared an animation of the feature, adding that at the moment, it is not possible for users to edit or change their viewers after posting a tweet.

The service first tweeted about the edit button on April 1, saying it was working on the feature. Earlier this month, Tesla CEO Elon Musk, who recently bid কেন 43 billion (approximately Rs 3,28,250 crore) to buy the company, posted a poll on Twitter asking if Twitter should have an edit button.

Musk tweeted the poll shortly after announcing a 9.2 percent stake in the company, and Twitter CEO Parag Agarwal retweeted Musk’s poll, saying the poll results would be significant. “Please vote carefully,” he said. In more recent developments, Musk has launched a 43-billion (approximately Rs 3,27,420 crore) effort to seize Twitter’s unfavorable possession.

Meanwhile, Twitter confirmed on April 5 that it is working on the ability to edit tweets that will be available to Twitter Blue subscribers next month, but the company has not yet revealed whether (or when) the feature will finally be rolled out to everyone. Users

The Weekly Authority: ️ ️ OnePlus’s sleeve is an ace

oneplus ACE Official 1

⚡ Welcome Weekly authorityThe Android authority Newsletter that breaks the best Android and tech news of the week. Here’s the 190th edition, including the OnePlus Ace launch date, Vivo X Fold and a space conspiracy theory …

Happy Easter to those who are celebrating this weekend! We are marking this occasion by joining Grimfest’s Virtual Horror Festival on Saturday – I can’t wait.

This week’s popular news

OnePlus Ace OnePlus website




  • Pixel 6 users can be one step closer to Face Unlock.
  • In the meantime, four Pixel 6a models have landed at the FCC, which suggests coming soon, and more release countries than the Pixel 5a.
  • And the Pixel 7’s camera may offer only limited improvements compared to the Pixel 6, which may actually be identical to the Pixel 6 but depends on software and sensor upgrades for improvement.
  • Unlimited Google Photo Storage is back, with one big caveat: for T-Mobile customers only, regardless of whether they own Pixel, for মাসে 15 per month (including 2TB Cloud Storage for Gmail and Drive and unlimited photo and video storage.)
  • And using Google’s services to hunt down scammers: it is suing a person who has committed “puppy fraud” targeting at-risk residents of the United States.
  • Also, Android 13 can provide better gaming performance.
  • Also: Another small piece of evidence for the Pixel Watch.
  • Finally this week: Google thinks calling a poultry expert might be a good way to let you know – the Little Signal test will show six gadgets, each with its own way of notifying users, from blowing in the air to casting shadows. Ghostly.


  • The Vivo X Fold is the latest foldable, replicating the design of the Galaxy Z Fold 3, with a water-drop hinge design, exterior 6.53-inch FHD + 120Hz OLED panel, interior 8.03-inch 120Hz LTPO OLED panel, two fingerprint 1, Warning / Silent Slider, and more – but only for China.




  • It’s official: the Poco F4 GT will arrive later this month.
  • The Nubia Red Magic 7 Pro received a US launch, 800, for some great specs with a 660-inch 120Hz FHD + OLED panel with a 960Hz touch sampling rate, 5,000mAh battery and 65W charging.
  • And good news for BlackBerry fans: a new phone like the BlackBerry Key 2 is coming – UniHertz’s Titan Slim will have a rectangular screen and a slim form factor.
  • Meanwhile, two new Motorolas brake covers: a 144Hz Mid-Ranger and a 90Hz budget model.
  • And WhatsApp has announced a big feature drop: new community features, emoji responses, the ability to share large files and more.
  • Confused cops pull over an unmanned cruise vehicle which then goes over the lam.
  • I think so Elon Musk is not joining the Twitter board All in all, though, he offered to buy Twitter for $ 54.20 a share.
  • And LVMH, a luxury retailer, has been accused of illegally collecting customer data.
  • YouTube has had big problems Tuesdays, including logging in, switching accounts, visiting the navigation bar and more. The worst though It’s over nowHere’s what you can do if it still doesn’t work for you
  • And a list of an extremely rare first edition of The Great Gatsby $ 360,000.

Movies / TV:

Eleven looks worried from Stranger Things Season 4
  • A proper Stranger Things 4 trailer is finally here.
  • Speaking of trailers, the apocalyptic sci-fi thriller Yakamoz has landed a single for the S-245, showing claustrophobic, coming to Netflix on April 20th.
  • And Craig Rosenberg’s Baseed on a True Story pickup, Jason Batman received a series order for executive production.
  • Sonic the Hedgehog 2 was the biggest video-game adaptation debut, bringing in $ 71 million at the domestic box office last weekend.
  • And Netflix now lets you give up two thumbs up for the things you love
  • Fifa has launched its own streaming platform: Fifa Plus will currently stream 40,000 soccer / football live games annually with ads.
  • Meanwhile, Collider has this great guide for lesser known studio Ghibli films.
  • Northman hits theaters April 22 – Mashable Call it “brave, brutal, and still uncomfortable” but we’ll see for ourselves.
  • Finally this week: for some unknown reason, Amazon has been rebranding IMDb TV as “Freeevee” since April 27th.


  • The Kingdom Hearts 4 series was announced at Square Annex’s presentation as part of the 20th anniversary celebrations, as well as the Kingdom Hearts Missing Link for iOS and Android.
  • Meanwhile, the expansion of Cyberpunk 2077 is coming in 2023.
  • Microsoft is rumored to be developing an upgraded chip for the Xbox Series X to improve power efficiency and make it cheaper to build.
  • Nintendo Switch Sports is coming April 29th: a follow-up to Wii Sports and Wii Sports Resort, featuring six mini-games (including tennis, bowling, badminton, volleyball, soccer, and Chambra Sword dueling (though not baseball) this year, including golf. Will be added.
  • The first episode of He-Man and the Masters of the Universe and Thundercats, Bastion of the Beastlord, with the first episode, prepares for the 80’s cartoon nostalgia with a high fantasy co-op Donjion Crawler from Mithfors, indie studio Beamdog. Access the Epic Store April 20.
  • And China’s gaming industry has begun to grow again, ending stagnation since last July with the approval of 45 new titles.
  • Meanwhile, Epic Games and Lego are partnering on a metaverse for kids: details are scarce but the initiative promises to be family-friendly, with Lego and Sony investing $ 1 billion in each epic.
  • And you could become a terrifying space pirate with No Man’s Sky’s new Outlook update.
  • Also: Why is The Hell Alden Ring so popular?
  • According to Meta Quest Gaming Showcase next week (April 20) and technology analyst Ming-Chi Kuo, we are seeing an announcement for an Oculus Quest 2 Pro, which will be released in the second half of 2022.
  • Finally, Blizzard has set a time for next week’s World of Warcraft expansion: Tuesday, April 19 at 9 AM PT / 12 PM ET / 6 PM CEST – The leak suggests it will be called Dragonflight.


samsung galaxy a53 button and galaxy bud

Ryan Haynes / Android Authority

Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 3 has left open bricks left

Eric Zeman / Android Authority

Apollo 13 crew

The Apollo 13 crew returned safely to Earth.

As it turns out, this was an important week in the history of space, not one, not two, three important events and a conspiracy theory.

First, on April 12, 1961, 27-year-old Yuri Gagarin became the first man in space to orbit the Earth aboard the Soviet spacecraft Vostok 1. His flight lasted one hour and 48 minutes before re-entering the atmosphere. This will be his only flight, since he died in 1968 while he was piloting a plane that crashed near Moscow.

Here’s what you (probably) didn’t know about the first man in space:

  • Gagarin did not always plan to become an astronaut – he trained as a steel worker.
  • His words during takeoff: “Poehali!” (Let’s go).
  • The rocket was an R-7 or “Semyorka” adaptive missile that carried the “Vostok” (meaning “East”) spacecraft.
  • He could not actually be the first man in space. What are you waiting for?

Rumors spread that an astronaut had beaten Gagarin five days earlier, on April 7, and taken him into space. The man in question was experimental pilot Vladimir Ilyushin. In fact, some claim that the Illusion flight took place earlier, on March 25.

  • Presumably, the flight did not go as planned, Ilyushin was badly injured and knocked unconscious in a hospital in Moscow – although the Soviet Union claimed he was being treated for injuries sustained in a car accident.
  • The reason for Gagarin’s successful mission was to de-illuminate Illusion as “the first man in space”.
  • Many journalists believed that the car accident was a cover story. Others believed Ilyushin was in a coma.
  • Although no evidence was found of the April 7 flight, the North American Aerospace Defense Command (NORAD) did not bring any.
Stranger Things4

In 1999, “The Cosmonaut Cover-Up”, a documentary on the Ilyushin / Gagarin conspiracy, claimed that Ilyushin “failed to get out of its capsule, crashed in China, and, after being taken prisoner, was finally returned to the USSR in 1962.” “Apparently, he refused to talk about the event on camera.

And it was far from the first Russian cover-up:

  • The death of Valentin Bondarenko in 1980 made worldwide news. According to New York TimesHe died after a fire in 1961 during a 15-day low-pressure endurance test, and his picture was later removed from the training picture.
  • In 1989, the world learned of a massive launchpad incident that killed 78 people in October 1960.
    Perhaps there are many more facts that we do not yet know. reveals some of the evidence that was leaked in the vicinity of the conspiracy:

Achilles and Giovanni Judica-Cordiglio, two former amateur radio operators, claimed to have recorded audio from an orbital capsule a few days before Gagarin’s flight. This is supposed to have happened earlier, in May 1960, when they heard the broadcast of a manned spacecraft, in November of the same year, picked up the SOS Morse code from a spacecraft having trouble leaving Earth orbit, and again in 1961, when they, annoyingly, suffocated an astronaut. He said that he heard the broadcast of death.

These have never been proven to be true, sadly, but if they did, it could mean that Illusion was not the first man in space.

  • Former Soviet senior engineer Mikhail Rudenko claimed that astronauts were sent into space in 1957, 1958 and 1959 and that “all three pilots died during the flight and their names were never officially released.” The story was published on on April 12, 2001, although the site is known for the title Alien Encounter.

Ilyushin died in 2010 at the age of 82 and never admitted to going into space. Sadly, we may never know the truth.

Also in space history this week:

  • April 13, 1970, was the “Houston, we have a problem here” moment, when an oxygen tank in the Apollo 13 service module exploded. Loss of electricity and oxygen forced the crew to abandon the command module of the lunar module, while NASA planned a rescue operation after being stuck for four days. All three astronauts have returned to Earth safely.
  • On April 12, 1981, exactly 20 years after Yuri Gagarin’s space flight, NASA saw the launch of the first space shuttle mission STS-1, sending Colombia on its maiden voyage. The launch was originally scheduled for April 10 for two days, but was delayed.

Technology Calendar

  • April 19: World of Warcraft Expansion Release @ 6 PM CEST
  • April 20: Meta Quest Gaming Showcase @ 10 AM PT
  • April 21: OnePlus Ace Launch (China) @ 7 AM ET
  • April 22: The Northman opens at the theater
  • April 28: OnePlus Event (India, 7 PM IST)
  • April 29: Nintendo Switch Sports has been released
  • May 9-11: Qualcomm 5G Summit (San Diego)
  • May 11-12: Google I / O 2022
  • June 6-10: Apple WWDC 2022

Tech tweets of the week

Welcome to America’s Multi-User Spaceport! See you here SpaceXFalcon 9 rockets for this # Ax1 Pad 39A and ours # Artemis I rocket at 39B. For the first time, two different types of rockets and a manned spacecraft are on the sister pad at the same time.

Something extra: From Hostel – We love Ralph “Pop” Miller, a pet transporter who shares the most beautiful puppy (and his weekly knowledge) on TikTok.

WhatsApp begins testing granular privacy controls in the latest iOS beta update:

WhatsApp is rolling out new granular privacy controls for specific testers in the latest beta version of the app for iOS, which allows for better management of privacy settings in the app. First seen in development last year, this feature is designed to give users granular control over who will see their latest views, relationships and profile photos in the messaging service. Although some testers can now access these features in beta versions of iOS and Android, WhatsApp has not yet announced when these privacy settings will be rolled out to all users.

According to a report from WhatsApp feature tracker WABetaInfo, the meta-owned messaging service WhatsApp has begun introducing granular privacy controls for profile photos, ‘about’ details and ‘last seen’. Users who have signed up for the beta build via TestFlight can update to the WhatsApp beta for iOS to see the features enabled in the app. The new settings appear to be enabled via the server-side switch, as some users may have to wait 24 hours to see the new settings, according to the feature tracker.

WhatsApp granular controls privacy wabetainfo inline whatsapp

WhatsApp’s new privacy controls for users in the latest iOS beta version
Photo Credit: WABetaInfo

Users who have updated to the latest beta version can choose by going to WhatsApp settings AccountsThen tap Privacy. The titles are under each of the three sections Related, Last seen And Profile photoUsers should be able to see a new option in the title Without my contact … – which will prevent any selected contacts from viewing their profile photos, latest views or profile sections. Previously, WhatsApp would only allow users to choose between Everyone, My contactAnd No one.

Excluding the last contact you see on WhatsApp will hide your last visit from you, but not according to the feature tracker, excluding them from you or the last visit. The same is true for users of the beta version of WhatsApp for Android, who last month got the same feature as the WhatsApp beta for Android which was rolled out on March 29. Gadget 360 was able to ensure that granular privacy controls were enabled and working on the latest version of WhatsApp Beta for Android.

Earlier this week, WhatsApp announced a new community feature to help administrators gain better control over the group. With the new feature, multiple groups can be added to a community and administrators can send a single message to each. According to the company, WhatsApp is further improving messaging services, including an increased file sharing limit, new responses and the ability to make group audio calls with up to 32 people at once.

Does the Fitbit have wearable fall detection features?

Fall detection is an essential feature for older and weaker smartwatch users. Present on several new wearable devices, fall detection warns of an emergency contact if the device detects a solid fall and subsequent lack of movement. Devices like the Apple Watch have had fall detection since 2018, but do Fitbit devices have fall detection or equivalent emergency features? Read about Fitbit’s fall detection features in detail below.

See also: Everything you need to know about Fitbit

Quick answer

Currently, no Fitbit smartwatch or fitness tracker includes fall detection, SOS or emergency features.

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Which Fitbits feature fall detection?

On devices like the Apple Watch, the fall detection device uses the accelerometer to monitor whether a user is experiencing a hard fall and whether they can move later. One minute or so later, the device will communicate with third parties with emergency details.

Fitbit is great for those who want sleep tracking accuracy and ease of use overall, but the company’s devices fall far short of some of the safety features. This includes fall detection. None of Fitbit’s smartwatches or fitness trackers have a fall detection smart or equivalent protection feature.

Fitbit option with fall detection

Display of Garmin Forerunner 55 review watch face in Table 1

Jimmy Westenberg / Android Authority

If you are looking for a smartwatch with fall detection functionality, you should look beyond Fitbit stability. Take one of these devices instead:

Read more: The best Fitbit option


Q: What are the other SOS or emergency features that Fitbit wears?
A: No. Currently, there is no official SOS or emergency communication option in any Fitbit. Some apps allow you to store important information or capture your location in a pinch.

Q: Do all Apple Watch, Garmin and Samsung smartwatches have fall detection features?
A: Apple Watch SE, Series 4, or new feature fall detection. The Galaxy Watch 3, Active 2, and Galaxy Watch 4 also host the feature. In addition, “incident detection” is what Garmin calls fall detection and emergency features.

Elon Musk has made a wild card deal with Twitter because shareholders want reform

Elon Musk, Twitter’s new major shareholder, could change the social media company’s trajectory as management fights a set of proxy proposals at its upcoming annual meeting, focusing on issues ranging from civil rights to politics, shareholder activists and corporate governance experts say.

Whatever the outcome of Musk’s $ 43 billion (approximately Rs 3,28,250 crore) bid to buy Twitter, which was announced directly on Thursday, investors with an anti-political stance have described the billionaire entrepreneur as working to undo the restrictions that Twitter has imposed on the content. It tries to promote free speech while fighting against hate speech and false information

Even if he fails to buy Twitter, Tesla’s CEO, who recently released a 9.6 percent stake, is seen as likely to vote in a way that could move the company to a virtual meeting on May 25, say people following corporate governance issues.

Brian Bueno, of Fareant Advisors on corporate governance and executive pay, said: “Given where Musk has positioned himself and what he wants to be a disruptive, compared to Twitter’s strategy, I don’t see him often voting with management.” Consulting firm.

Musk said the মূল্য 54.20 (approximately Rs 4,140) offer price per share was intended to promote open negotiations. In the virtual meeting, he will control the second largest share after Vanguard Group, which is enough to give the investor a kingmaker role in close competition.

Musk did not immediately respond to a request for comment on how he could vote on Twitter.

Charles Elson, founding director of the Weinberg Center for Corporate Governance at the University of Delaware, said Musk’s stellar strength was likely to draw a lot of attention to the event. “He’s a well-known figure in the midst of all this, so it will increase interest in voting and make a big impact,” Elson said.

Although Twitter on Friday adopted a shareholder rights plan to defend itself against the mask, Elson said its impact on the vote could only be created by proxy advisers, who tend to frown at such so-called “poison pills”, which are more questionable about management.

Five hot-ticket items

Twitter has faced five shareholder proposals, all of which are opposed by management, working on issues that attract investors’ attention.

From two conservative groups, one asked Twitter to report on its impact on civil rights and the other on its lobbying activity. Scott Shepard, an associate of the right-leaning National Center for Public Policy Research think tank, one of the sponsors, called the mask’s offer “terrible” for shareholders.

Shepard said he hoped Musk would remove Twitter from censorship and criticized the agency for taking steps to ban former US President Donald Trump’s account after the storm in the US Capitol because of the risk of his group inciting further violence.

“Under the mask, Twitter should be what it should be – both from a civic and a value perspective – always,” Shepard said in an email.

Meredith Benton, founder of Whistle Stop Capital, takes a dim view, focusing on social and environmental issues and submitting a resolution critical of non-disclosure agreements for workers.

“Wrong, for pushing for his (Musk’s) uninterrupted speech, there is a risk of destroying the platform’s appeal to millions of people who need to feel safe before they can speak,” Benton said.

A fourth proposal, filed by New York State Pension Fund supervisors, who declined to comment, called on Twitter to report on its election expenses.

A fifth proposal was submitted by Arjuna Capital, calling for the nomination of at least one board member with a human or civil rights background on Twitter. Natasha Lamb, Arjuna’s managing partner, said she hoped Mask would support the proposal because it was consistent with her freedom of speech concerns.

But he called Musk’s purchase bid “critical” as a further consolidation of power on social media, where good governance is essential.

“We don’t need Twitter, run by another social media emperor. We need it run by experts,” Lamb said.

Thomson Reuters 2022

China begins clearing ‘chaos’ on livestreaming, short video platform

China’s Internet watchdog on Friday launched a two-month special campaign to clean up the “chaos” in online livestreaming and short video business, as part of a broader plan to promote what is considered appropriate and legal content.

China’s cyberspace administration said in a statement that “the focus will be on correcting the content of pornographic, ugly, weird, fake, obscene and (promotional) gambling.”

Last year, China launched a “special operation” to remove more than 1 billion online accounts and thousands of websites to create an Internet that reflects the country’s socialist values.

According to the statement, the two-month cleanup exercise will target multi-channel network (MCN) companies, short video and livestreaming tippings, while also targeting accounts that publish illegal content, according to the statement.

The addition of MCN agencies to the clean-up operation highlights the growing concern of cyberspace authorities with the companies behind most of the viral content seen on Chinese social media.

Such agencies also tend to operate multiple online influencers, who have come under investigation in recent months for issues such as tax evasion.

Livestreaming and short video platforms that fail to define the source and nature of the income of network anchors or account operators or declare their income for tax evasion will be targeted in a two-month sweep, Watchdog warned.

Thomson Reuters 2022

Poison Pill: What is supposed to be Twitter’s weapon against Elon Musk’s takeover bid

Twitter is trying to thwart billionaire Elon Musk’s capture with a “poison pill” – a financial device that companies have been using for decades against unwanted suitors.

What to do with poison pills?

The ingredients of each poison pill vary, but they are all designed to give corporate boards the option to flood the market with so much freshly made stock that a takeover becomes prohibitively expensive. The strategy became popular in the 1980s when companies held in public by corporate raiders like Carl Icon – now often referred to as “activist investors”.

Twitter did not release details of its poison pill on Friday, but said it would provide more information in an upcoming filing with the Securities and Exchange Commission, which delayed the company from closing public markets on Friday.

The San Francisco Company’s plan will be triggered if a shareholder deposits 15 percent or more of the shares. Musk, known as the CEO of electric car maker Tesla, currently owns about 9 percent of the shares.

Can a poison pill be the talk of the town?

While they are supposed to help prevent an unwanted seizure, poison pills often open the door to further negotiations that could force a bidder to sweeten the deal. If a high price is understandable to the board, then a poison pill can simply be thrown aside and the resentment it aroused clears the way for the sale to be completed.

True to form, Twitter kept its door open, insisting that its poison pills would not prevent its board from “joining parties or accepting acquisition offers” at high prices.

Taking a poison pill often leads to lawsuits alleging that a corporate board and management team are using their strategy to keep their jobs against the best interests of shareholders. These complaints are sometimes filed by shareholders who think a takeover offer is fair and want to cash out at that price or the buyer is interested in purchasing.

How did Elon Musk react to Twitter’s announcement?

Musk, a great Twitter user with 82 million followers, had no immediate reaction to the company’s poison pills. But on Thursday he indicated he was ready to fight a legal battle.

“If the current Twitter board acts against the interests of shareholders, they will violate their fiduciary duty,” Musk tweeted. “The responsibility that they will take on will be the Titanic in shape.”

Musk has publicly stated that his $ 43 billion (approximately Rs 3,28,250 crore) bid is his best and final offer for Twitter, but other corporate suitors have made similar statements before finally making progress. With an estimated fortune of $ 265 billion (approximately Rs. 20,22,860 crore), Musk seems to have enough deep pockets to expand its offer, although it is still working on how to finance the proposed purchase.

How has this defense worked in the past?

Takeover feuds often escalate into gamesmanship, which includes poison pills and other strategies designed to make shopping more difficult. This is one of the biggest and most drawn-out takeover dances in the history of Silicon Valley.

After the business software maker Oracle made an unsolicited $ 5.1 billion (approximately Rs 38,930 crore) offer to its small rival PeopleSoft in June 2003, the two companies have been battling each other for the next 18 months.

As part of its defense, PeopleSoft has not only adopted a poison pill that allows the board to flood the market with more shares, it is known as a “consumer assurance program.” If the software license is sold by PeopleSoft within the next two years, it creates an estimated $ 800 million (approximately Rs. 6,100 crore) liability for an acquiring company.

PeopleSoft got another helping hand when the US Department of Justice filed a no-confidence motion to block a takeover, although a judge ruled in favor of Oracle.

Although the company ended up selling to Oracle, People’sSoft’s defense strategy paid off for its shareholders. Oracle’s final purchase price was 11.1 billion (approximately Rs 84,730 crore) – more than double its original bid.

Elon Musk’s bid highlights Twitter’s unique role in public speaking – and what

There has been a lot of news on Twitter lately, albeit for the wrong reasons. Its stock growth has slowed and the platform has remained largely the same since its inception in 2006. On April 14, 2022, Elon Musk, the world’s richest man, offered to buy Twitter and privatize the public company.

In a filing with the Securities and Exchange Commission, Musk said, “I have invested in Twitter because I believe it has the potential to be a platform for freedom of speech around the world and I believe that freedom of speech is a social obligation for an effective democracy.”

As a researcher on social media platforms, I’ve noticed that Musk’s potential ownership on Twitter and the reasons he mentions for buying the company raise important issues. These problems stem from the nature of the social media platform and set it apart from others.

What makes Twitter unique

Twitter occupies a unique niche. Its short text and threading encourages real-time conversations between thousands of people, making it popular with celebrities, media personalities and politicians.

Social media analysts talk about the half-life of content on a platform, which means the time it takes for a piece of content to reach 50% of its total lifetime engagement, usually measured in terms of number of views or popularity-based metrics. The average half-time of a tweet is about 20 minutes, with five hours for Facebook posts, 20 hours for Instagram posts, 24 hours for LinkedIn posts and 20 days for YouTube videos. As well as revealing many short half-life events, it illustrates the central role that Twitter has played in conducting real-time conversations.

Twitter’s ability to shape real-time speech, as well as geo-tagged data, can be collected from Twitter, making it a gold mine for researchers to analyze a wide variety of social phenomena, ranging from public health. Politics Twitter data has been used to inspect asthma-related emergency departments, measure public epidemic awareness, and model fire smoke emissions.

Part of a conversation is that tweet Shown in chronological orderAnd, although the busyness of a tweet is much frontloaded, the Twitter archive Each public tweet provides instant and complete access. It ranks Twitter as one Historical chronicler of record And a de facto fact checker.

Musk’s change of mind

An important issue is how Mask’s ownership of Twitter and personal control of social media platforms affect greater public health. In a series of deleted tweets, Musk gave various suggestions on how to change Twitter, including adding an edit button for Twitter and providing automatic verification marks to premium users.

There is no experimental evidence on how an edit button can change the way information is sent to Twitter. However, it is possible to extrapolate from previous research that analyzed deleted tweets.

There are many ways to recover deleted tweets, which allows researchers to study them. Although some studies have shown that there is a significant personality difference between users deleting their tweets and those who do not, these results suggest that deleting tweets is a way for people to manage their online identities.

Analyzing deletion behavior can also provide valuable clues about online credibility and confusion. Similarly, if Twitter adds an edit button, analyzing the types of editing behavior can inspire Twitter users and provide insights into how they present themselves.

A study of bot-generated activity on Twitter has concluded that almost half of the accounts tweeted about COVID-19 are probably bots. Given the bias and political polarization in online spaces, allowing users – whether they be automated bots or real people – the option to edit their tweets could become another weapon in the misleading arsenal used by bots and advertisers. Editing tweets can cause users to selectively distort what they say, or refuse to make inflammatory comments, which can complicate efforts to identify inaccurate information.

Twitter content moderation and revenue model

To understand what’s next for social media platforms like Musk’s Inspiration and Twitter, it’s important to consider the great – and opaque – online advertising ecosystem involving multiple technologies powered by ad networks, social media companies and publishers. Advertising is the primary source of income for Twitter.

Mask’s approach is to monetize Twitter from subscriptions rather than ads. Without worrying about attracting and retaining advertisers, there will be less pressure on Twitter to focus on content restraint. This will make Twitter a kind of freewheeling opinion site for paying customers. Twitter has been aggressive in its use of content restraint in its efforts to address misinformation.

The description of the mask of a platform free from content restraint problems is problematic in light of the algorithmic disadvantages caused by social media platforms. Studies have shown a host of these disadvantages, such as algorithms that determine gender for users, potential errors and biases of algorithms used to collect information from these platforms, and the impact on those seeking health information online.

The testimony of Facebook’s whistleblower Frances Haugen and recent regulatory efforts, such as the online security bill unveiled in the UK, show that there is widespread public concern about the role of technology platforms in shaping popular speech and public opinion. Mask’s potential bid for Twitter highlights a whole host of regulatory concerns.

Because of Musk’s other businesses, Twitter’s ability to influence public opinion in the sensitive industry and the automobile industry will automatically create conflicts of interest, not to mention affecting the disclosure of material required by shareholders. Musk has already been accused of delaying the disclosure of his ownership on Twitter.

Twitter’s own Algorithmic Bias Bounty Challenge Concludes that a community-led approach is needed to create advanced algorithms. A highly creative exercise created by MIT Media Lab invites high school students to rethink the YouTube platform with ethics in mind. Perhaps it’s time to ask Twitter to do the same, who owns and manages the company.

Anjana Susarla, Professor of Information Systems, Michigan State University This article is reproduced from a conversation under the Creative Commons license. Read the original article.

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Chinese astronauts have landed on the space station after six months on the longest mission

Beijing: Three Chinese astronauts returned to Earth on Saturday after spending six months in their country’s new orbital station on the longest crew mission to date for China’s ambitious space program.

The Shenzhou 13 space capsule landed in the Gobi Desert in northern Inner Mongolia, shown live on state TV.

During the mission, astronaut Wang Yaping made the first spacewalk by a Chinese woman. Wang and Krumet brought back physics lessons for Zhai Zhigang and Ye Guangfu High School students.

China sent its first astronaut into space in 2003 and landed a robot rover on the moon in 2013 and on Mars last year. Officials have discussed a possible crew mission to the moon.

On Saturday, state TV showed images from inside the capsule as it traveled through Africa at a speed of 200 meters per second before entering the atmosphere.

These three were the second crew in Tiangong or the heavenly palace. Its original module, Tianhe, was launched in April 2021. Plans call for completion of construction by adding two more modules this year.

Authorities have not yet announced a date for the launch of the next Tiangong crew.

China has dropped out of the International Space Station because of US discomfort because its space program is run by the People’s Liberation Army, the military wing of the ruling Communist Party.

China is the third country, after the former Soviet Union and the United States, to send an astronaut into space on its own.

Following its predecessors launched in 2011 and 2016, Tiangong Hall is China’s third space station.

The government announced in 2020 that China’s first reusable spacecraft had landed after a test flight, but no photos or details of the vehicle were released.

On Tuesday, President Xi Jinping visited the launch site at Wenchang on the southern island of Hainan, from where the Tianhe module was launched into orbit.

“Continue to follow the boundaries of global space development and the major strategic needs of national space,” Shi told site staff, all in military uniforms.

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Twitter accepts Elon Musk’s takeover bid as a ‘poison pill’ as a challenger

Twitter on Friday adopted a ‘poison pill’ to limit Elon Musk’s ability to raise shares on social media platforms, as a buyout firm appeared to challenge its $ 43 billion (approximately Rs 3,28,250 crore) bid for the company.

Thomas Bravo, a technology-centric private equity firm with assets of পর্যন্ত 103 billion (approximately Rs 7,86,250 crore) under management at the end of December, told Twitter that it was exploring the possibility of a bid.

It is unknown at this time what he will do after leaving the post. It is unknown at this time what he will do after leaving the post.

A spokeswoman for Thomas Bravo declined to comment when Twitter representatives did not immediately respond to a request for comment. The New York Post reported Thursday that Toma Bravo is considering a bid for Twitter.

Twitter said Friday it had taken a poison pill that would dilute shareholders in more than 15 percent of the company by selling more shares at a discount to other shareholders. Officially known as the Shareholder Right Plan, the poison pill will last for 364 days.

The move would not prevent Mask from taking his offer directly to Twitter shareholders by launching a tender offer. Although the poison pill will prevent most Twitter shareholders from selling their shares, the tender offer will allow them to register their support or disapproval of the mask proposal.

Dan Ives, an analyst at WadeBush, tweeted on Friday that “this is a predictable defense measure for the collapse of the board that will not be viewed positively by shareholders due to potential downside and acquisition-friendly move.”

Thoma Bravo’s interest has led more private equity firms to compete for Twitter. According to data provider Pricin, the global private equity industry has about $ 1.8 trillion (approximately Rs. 1,37,40,310 crore) sitting on dry powder. Unlike major technology aggregates, most shopping malls will not face distrust restrictions on Twitter acquisitions.

It is possible that a private equity firm would raise Mask’s bid by partnering with him instead of challenging him. Musk’s criticism of the reliance on advertising for most of Twitter’s revenue, however, has alarmed some private equity firms about teaming up with it, industry sources said. This is because a strong cash flow makes financing a leveraged purchase much easier.

Silver Lake, a private equity firm with ব্যবস্থা 90 billion (approximately Rs 6,87,010 crore) assets in management, would be a natural partner for Musk as it offered to finance its $ 72-billion bid (approximately Rs 5,49,610). Crore) for Tesla four years ago, who later abandoned the mask. Egan Durban, co-chief executive of Silver Lake, also sits on the Twitter board.

But Durban did not back down on Thursday when the Twitter board first met to discuss the mask’s offer, with people familiar with the matter saying Silver Lake did not want to team up with the mask or thus make a bid of its own. Away

It is possible that Silver Lake would choose to be involved as a buyer. A Silver Lake spokesman did not immediately respond to a request for comment Friday.

‘Best and Final Offer’

Twitter’s balance sheet has $ 6 billion (approximately Rs 45,800 crore) in cash and its annual cash flow is close to $ 700 million (approximately Rs 5,340 crore), giving banks some relief in considering whether to lend for a deal. Still, a leveraged buyout for Twitter could be the biggest of all time, with potentially several buyout firms and other major institutional investors teaming up.

With a net worth of 5 265 billion (approximately Rs 20,22,860 crore) according to Forbes, Mask is the richest man in the world. But he has drawn a line about how much he is willing to give. He told Twitter on Wednesday that his $ 54.20-share (approximately Rs 4,140) cash bid for the company was his “best and final offer”, and that he would reconsider his position as a Twitter shareholder if it was rejected. Musk owns more than 9 percent of Twitter, making him the second largest shareholder after mutual fund giant Vanguard.

Musk tweeted on Thursday that Twitter shareholders should make a statement about his offer and posted a poll on Twitter where most users agreed with him. Twitter’s board is still evaluating Mask’s offer, and once approved, it will be put to a vote by the company’s shareholders. Twitter shares fell on Thursday, indicating that most investors expected the company’s board to reject Mask’s bid as inadequate and thin in its financing details.

Twitter’s board is expected to take a few more days to evaluate Mask’s bid and draft a response, sources familiar with the matter said. A weekend result is unlikely, the source added.

Goldman Sachs Group is advising the Twitter board on its discussions. Bloomberg News reported Friday that the board has tapped JPMorgan Chase Co. as its second financial adviser.

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