Best OLED TV Deals of April 2022

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An OLED TV is a dream come true for your lounge. But boy, can these be expensive? 4K OLED TVs start at more than $ 1,000 for smaller models and from there prices skyrocket. We know you’ll want to get your best value for money, so we’ve collected some of the best OLED TV deals across the internet right now.

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In addition to the weird Vizio, Sony and LG are the only brands of OLED TVs you can get in the US. This is because LG is the sole manufacturer of large OLED panels, but Sony has an agreement to allow them to be used on its TVs. We’ve included in our list a number of options from both, sorted by both screen size and price to help you adapt to your budget.

Featured Deal: $ 400 Discount 2021 Sony A80J Bravia XR 65-Inch TV

Sony A80J Bravia XR 65 Inch Oled TV Amazon Deal

While it’s hard to classify an OLED TV as budget-friendly, we occasionally see deals that make high-end display technology a little more accessible. This is a great example. Sony A80J 65-inch Class Bravia XR OLED 4K UHD Smart Google TV is now on offer at $ 1,798 on Amazon. This is more than $ 400 less than the retail price.

Sony has deployed its cognitive processor XR in this high-end TV that uses machine learning algorithms to provide pure black, high peak brightness and sharp contrast with natural colors. If you’re a gamer, this is an ideal display to get the most out of your PlayStation 5, where Bravia XR TVs have exclusive features for PS5 consoles with 4K / 120fps specified in HDMI 2.1 and input lag less than 8.5ms. .

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Google TV is also built-in, allowing you to browse thousands of movies and TV episodes in one place from your favorite streaming services. Both Alexa and Google Assistant can be used to navigate the interface without having to lift your finger.

We don’t know how long the contract will be in stock so check it out via the widget below.

Sony A80J 65-inch Bravia XR OLED 4K Ultra HD Smart Google TV

Premium OLED image • Immersive sound Cognitive processor XR

The world’s first TV with cognitive intelligence uses revolutionary TV processing technology to understand how people see and hear in order to provide beautiful image quality.

Best OLED TV Deal

55-inch OLED TV

LG OLED55CXPUA CX Series 55 Inch 4K Ultra HD Smart OLED TV

It’s hard to call this first category a small OLED TV, so we’ll probably call them the most affordable instead. There are lots of deals from both LG and Sony for less than 2,000 and you really can’t go wrong. One thing you might want to consider is the basis of each TV – some rely on a single base while others use four legs. Check out these top 55-inch OLED TV deals:

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65-inch OLED TV

Sony A8F 65 Inch Class OLED HDR UHD Smart TV

Smack in the middle of the OLED range you’ll find a number of 65-inch beasts. These aren’t the biggest or smallest, but they will provide incredible, crisp images as the focal point of your living room. You won’t be too surprised to be near the $ 2,000 mark and past. Here are some of our favorites from Sony and LG:

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77-inch LED TV

LG C9PUB 77 Inch Class OLED HDR 4K UHD Smart TV

If you want to fit a TV – and only a TV – in your living room, these 77-inch options are the way to go. They are easily the largest and heaviest around, but you can’t take your eyes off the display. The next time a big game is rolling around you may feel like you are on the sidelines. Be prepared to hit your wallet a little. Here’s your best bet:

And if you make it this far, here are some bonus QLED options from Samsung:

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It ends our list, but not all TVs are so expensive. Our Best TV Deals list includes some of the best TV prices and big screen TV deals, so check it out for more options.

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