Best Samsung Galaxy Deal of April 2022

Samsung Galaxy S21 FE display on blue background

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Samsung’s new foldable Galaxy phones are performing better on the market than ever before, with huge savings on the line, as well as many of the Galaxy S and Note lines of the past. You can save even more if you don’t mind carrying a slightly older flagship. We went ahead and rounded up the best Samsung Galaxy deals from Galaxy S21 to Galaxy S9.

Whether you’re looking for a premium foldable device, a more budget-friendly A-Series, or a more powerful Galaxy S20 family, you’ve come to the right place.

Featured Deal: Get Galaxy S21 FE at $ 49.99 with trade-in

Samsung Galaxy S21 FE Deal

The Samsung Galaxy 21 FE hasn’t been around for a long time, but now you have the chance to save $ 150 on the retail price of both Amazon and Samsung phones. The 128GB model is now only $ 549.99 ($ ​​150 discount) on both sites.

The Samsung Galaxy S21 FE includes essential features of the Galaxy S21 and some premium components have been shaved to reduce the cost. That said, you’ll get a bigger battery than the S21 base model, and it will run on Android 12. You can be sure that you will get a bang for your money.

Check out offers from both retailers via the links below, or keep scrolling for more Samsung Galaxy Deals.

Samsung Galaxy S21 FE

Solid build quality • Fast performance • Very good battery life

The Samsung Galaxy S21 FE is similar to the Vanilla Galaxy S21, but you can get it now at a better price, especially if you have an old phone to trade.

Best Samsung Galaxy Deal

1. Samsung Galaxy S22 Deal

Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra vs Galaxy S22 Plus Camera Module Black Pink Standing

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All major providers offer incentives in the range to get your business. If you are not interested in tying yourself to a carrier, you can still enjoy some nice deals on the unlocked versions of the new Samsung Galaxy S22 flagships. Both Samsung and Amazon are providing sweets when you buy.

Here are your unlocked options. Amazon is currently offering Galaxy Buds 2 to $ 80 discount on the package, while Samsung will offer $ 50 Samsung Credit, three months Spotify and many more extras.

The major US carrier transactions are all একটি 800- $ 1,000 discount trade-in, or buy one, get one type of deal:

2. Samsung Galaxy S21 Deal

With the establishment of the S22 series in the market, it seems that Amazon and Samsung have overtaken the Galaxy S21 range – they are no longer readily available on any other site. The exception is the Galaxy S21 FE, which is still powerful and has some excellent storage.

If you’re looking for an everyday driver, the Galaxy S20 series still has a lot to offer. Whether you want the incredible 100x zoom of the S20 Ultra or the fast Qualcomm SoC that powers the whole line, look no further.

The Samsung Galaxy Note was the definition of the word phablet. Large screen, integrated S-Pen and sharp rectangular shape are the trademark features of the line. Picking a Galaxy Note is an obvious choice if you want the largest device in the block or you constantly create notes on your phone.

Like the Galaxy S21 range, the Note 20 devices are now hard to find We’ve found some renewal options here.

Samsung’s Galaxy Note 10 is still around আপনি when you’re using refurbished note phones Unlocked versions are available through these links:

5. Z flip deal

Z Flip 3 color open

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Check out the Z Flip Deals below:

6. Jade Fold Deal

Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 3 has left open bricks left

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If Samsung Galaxy Fold is the godfather of breaking new ground, then Galaxy Z Fold 2 is the sequel that surpasses the original in all respects. Samsung has listened to consumer pain issues and solved almost every bug in its first fold. That means the Z Fold 2 is a powerful – if expensive – device for those looking for a piece of hardware that works like a phone and tablet. The Galaxy Z Fold 3, on the other hand, is now the most popular foldable phone on the market.

You will never be able to afford the device on a budget, although we will be looking for more affordable foldables this year. In the meantime, here are some of the best deals you can find in the Z Fold range:

7. Samsung Galaxy S10 Deal

S10 Plus Holding Home Screen (11 of 13)

If you want a phone that still packs a punch but may not have the latest space anymore, the Samsung Galaxy S10 should be in your lap. This is Samsung’s first line to feature a punch-hole camera across the board and powered by a Samsung One UI skin.

You can also choose from budget-friendly Galaxy S10e, Standard Galaxy S10 and larger Galaxy S10 Plus. The big savings in the unlocked versions of these phones have dried up a bit recently, but you can get deals here and there.

Here are some options:

See our Galaxy S10 review here for more information.

8. Deals with Samsung Galaxy A.

Samsung Galaxy A71 5G one third

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Samsung may offer the Galaxy S Line as its flagship, but if you have a more limited budget, you can also look at the Galaxy A-Line. The Galaxy A series is a mid-range line that also offers teardrop notch and some punch-hole cameras.

Here are some of the best deals you can get on these phones:

Now that you have opted for the Samsung Galaxy Deals, here are a few more resources that might be helpful:

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