Best TV Deals of April 2022

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Whether it’s a family movie night or enjoying your favorite weekly TV show, having a nice TV can make all the difference. Unfortunately, when you are in the market for a new home entertainment addition it can be difficult to try to verify all the deals and choices.

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To make things a little easier, we’ve gone ahead and rounded up some of the best TV deals available right now. We’ve sorted TV offers by size, so you can figure out your tape measure and then figure out the section that best fits your location. The larger the screen, the greater the storage.

Featured Deal: Get the Hisense 55-inch H8 ULED Smart TV for just 450

Hisense 55 Inch Class H8 Quantum Series Android 4K ULED Smart TV Amazon Deal

There was a time when a Quantum ULED TV would give you back thousands of dollars, but not anymore. The Hisense 55-inch Class H8 Quantum Series Smart TV is a big discount at the moment, allowing you to upgrade your entertainment for just $ 449.99 ($ ​​280 discount).

The 2021 H8 has Quantum Dot technology, which is a bit of a game-changer in terms of image quality. The colors are richer, the details are sharper and the brightness is better In fact, automatic scene detection consistently and intuitively adjusts images and sounds based on the genre of the content you are viewing.

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Whether the smart TV is for movies or gaming, motion rate technology reduces lag and provides fluid movement. Naturally, there’s voice control to make browsing and operating easier and more intuitive, so you can use Alexander’s preferences to browse your favorite streaming services without having to point a finger.

We’re not sure how long this offer will last, so click on the widget below for details. Scroll for more deals.

Hisense 55-Inch Class H8 Quantum Android 4K ULED Smart TV (2021)

4K ULED • Quantum Dot • Voice Remote

Hisense H8 Quantum provides an image with richer colors, more detail, better brightness and smoother motion. With Quantum Dots, watching your TV is closer to looking out the window than ever before.

The best TV deals

Editor’s comment: These deals change frequently but we will periodically update this page with the latest offers.

Best 20-39 Inch TV Deals

VGO D Series 32 inches

If you need a new TV and you have limited space, a smaller TV is probably your best bet. You can easily fit one in the home office or in a dorm room without feeling overwhelmed. Of course, a 32-inch TV often offers an HDMI port and top-end resolution, but you can usually find one for under 200.

Here’s the best deal we can find right now:

Best 40-49 Inch TV Deals

Sony 49 inch x800h TV

40-inch TVs offer one step above the 30-inch section in both resolution and port options. You often get a third HDMI port to add a game system or streaming device, and there are plenty of 4K options. 40-inch TVs are a great option for many rooms, unless you have a little more space to work with.

Here are some of the best deals available:

Best 50-59 Inch TV Deals

Sony X950H 65 Inch 4K Ultra HD Smart LED TV Promo Image

At 50 inches and above, you can expect top glasses on any TV. OLED and QLED screens have become more standardized, and you’re really starting to push the home theater sector. You may feel like you’re in the crowd at your favorite football game or crossing the galaxy at your favorite show.

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Here are some of the best options currently available:

60-69 inch deal

LG 65-inch TV view

60-inch TVs offer many of the same high-performance features as 50-inch TVs, only on a larger scale. You can expect 4K and OLED options and HDR quality, but you can expect to pay even more for the premium price. You may not want to sit too close to such a large TV, but you will also be able to see the crystal-clear details from across the room.

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Here are some of the best 65-inch TV deals we can find:

70-inch and above deals

Hisense 75 inch 75U6G ULED 4K Widget Image

If you have the money and space, a 70-inch TV is the biggest and best bang. This is a great size if you are building a full-scale home theater or you just want to maximize your viewing potential. Chances are you won’t find any additional features that the 50 and 60-inch TVs don’t offer, but you’ll probably have the largest screen in the neighborhood.

Here are some of the big discounts we’ve rounded up:

It combines the best TV deals we can find right now However, deals change very quickly so some of them may end up before we update the list. If you want a few simple hubs of TV deals, you can check out these outlets:

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