Brazil’s Supreme Court lifts telegram ban after complying with platform order

A statement from the court’s website said that Brazil’s Supreme Court on Sunday revoked an order suspending the use of the messaging app Telegram in the country.

On Friday, Supreme Court Justice Alexandre de Moraes issued a stay order, saying Telegram had repeatedly refused to comply with a judicial order to freeze accounts that spread fake news or to comply with the country’s laws.

Telegram founder Pavel Durav responded to the court order by apologizing for the company’s “negligence.”

Far-right President Zaire Bolsonaro and his supporters are increasingly relying on the telegram as a form of mass communication because major technology companies such as Meta, the owner of the messaging app WhatsApp, Alphabet, Google and Twitter are following Supreme Court orders to dismiss the allegations. To give. Rumors.

Moraes set a Sunday deadline for the Telegram to comply with his orders, including freezing the accounts of Alan dos Santos, an employee of Bolsonaro.

In a statement from the Supreme Court, Morris said the telegram showed “complete consent”.

“I am withdrawing my decision to suspend the operation of Telegram in Brazil altogether,” he added.

Telegram has appointed Alan Campos Elias Thamaz as its legal representative in Brazil, a court statement said, fulfilling a key request.

In the last chapter of the Crusading Justice War with Bolsonaro and his allies, Moraes’ move on freedom of speech in politically polarized Brazil adds to the controversy.

Judge Bolsonaro is leading a series of Supreme Court investigations into fake news against Balsonaro and his supporters – an investigation that has angered many on the right and raised questions about judicial overreach.

Bolsonaro called the suspension “unacceptable.”

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