Can you manually log steps in the Fitbit app?

Reaching your daily activity goals in your Fitbit is a great feeling, especially if your steps and calorie goals are set particularly high. But what if you forgot to wear your Fitbit while out? Is there a way to manually log your steps in the Fitbit app? Well, it’s complicated. We’ll cover the issues with Fitbit’s manual exercise logging system and how you can incorporate a workout that might miss your Fitbit.

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There is no way to log missed steps in the Fitbit app. However, you can log the exercises that you have done.

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Why can’t you log in manually on Fitbit?

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Fitbit does not allow users to log into the Fitbit app manually. This is a small problem if you forget your band at home while walking. Fitbit doesn’t want users to estimate how many steps they’ve taken and added it to the app. This can lead to one-way data or help users cheat in achieving their Fitbit goals.

  • Open Fitbit App on your phone.
  • Tap Exercise department Upstairs Today Tab
  • Tap Stopwatch In the upper-right corner of the screen to open the icon Track The screen
  • Select Previous log Tab
  • Enter a description of your practice, then tap Log it. You can choose one of nine exercises, including personal trainers: Run, Golf, Hike, Swimming, Walking, Sports, Outdoor Bike, Aerobic Workout and Fitster.

Make your exercise duration as accurate as possible. With the input details, the Fitbit app will estimate calorie burning based on the duration and type of exercise. This is not accurate, but it will help users keep up with their energy intake and expenditure.


Q: Will the calories counted count for my calorie target?
A: Yes. This is one of the best ways to log in to Manually Missed Exercises in the Fitbit app.

Q: Does my phone’s Fitbit app track the steps?
A: No. Unfortunately, the Fitbit app cannot be used as a replacement for your tracker, so it doesn’t count the steps when you don’t wear your device.

Q: Can I use Strava to log the Fitbit Missed Exercise?
A: Yes. You can set up a two-way sync between Strava and Fitbit. Read our detailed guide on the subject for more details.

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