Can You Swim With Apple Watch? Here’s what you need to know before you dive.

The Apple Watch has proven itself to be a great running and cycling smartwatch, but is it an equally good companion for those who love water? Includes swim workout mode on Apple devices, can you swim with the Apple Watch? Is that a good idea? We take a deeper look below.

Quick answer

Yes. Thanks to its 5 ATM rating, the Apple Watch is water-resistant up to 50 meters in various waters.

Can You Swim With Apple Watch?

Yes. The new Apple Watch models are water-resistant up to 50 meters, thanks to their 5 ATM rating You can even do shallow diving with the watch, if you are above this safe limit. New Apple watches include swimming as an alternative to its workout app. So the company believes that you can go to the nearest pool in the open water or by keeping your watch on.

Significantly, this water resistance rating only applies to the Apple Watch Series 2 or later. Series 1 and first-generation devices don’t pack water resistance ratings, so you shouldn’t sink these older models.

How do you start a swimming workout?

An Apple Watch Series 7 displays an outdoor cycling settings screen on a user's wrist.

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Starting a swim workout on the Apple Watch is extremely easy.

  1. First, open Workout app On your Apple Watch.
  2. Select Pool swimming If you are training in a pool or Open water swimming If you are at sea or lake as your workout.
  3. Tap More (three-point) buttons Tap to adjust calorie, distance, or time goals or start a workout.
  4. If you choose pool swimming, you will need to set the length of the pool using the digital crown. This will improve the accuracy of lap and distance calculations.

There are a few things to keep in mind when starting a swimming workout. For starters, supported Apple watches will automatically enable water lock mode in this instance. This mode disables the Apple Watch screen so that no accidental touch is registered. Simultaneously press the digital crown and side buttons to pause and resume swimming workouts.

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How do I dry my Apple Watch?

Apple Clock Water Emissions Directions

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When you finish your swimming workout, the Apple Watch will ask you to rotate the digital crown to disable the water lock mode. This, in turn, will trigger the Apple Watch’s water emission process, allowing it to play a series of tones to remove residual water trapped in its speakers.

You can start the drainage process yourself.

  1. Swipe from bottom to top of your Apple Watch to open the Control Center.
  2. Tap Water lock icon.
  3. Turn on the digital crown to unlock the screen.

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Q: Can I swim with my old Apple Watch?
A: Only Apple Watch Series 2 and newer models are water resistant up to 50 meters Older Apple Watch Series 1 and the original Apple Watch feature splash resistance. Apple advises against sinking these models, so we recommend not tying them to your wrist and swimming.

Q: Is my Apple Watch waterproof?
A: No. Apple Watch Series 2 and newer are water resistant, but they are not water resistant. This means there is always a possibility that it may be damaged by contact with water, especially if you violate the device’s usage guidelines. Apple does not recommend deep-water activities or high-speed activities, such as scuba diving or water skiing, even with the Series 2 or newer.

Q: Can I take a bath with my Apple Watch?
A: Yes, though Apple warns against using soaps, shampoos and other products that can affect the glue and seals of Apple Watch. Rinse the watch thoroughly after bathing, remove it, and dry it thoroughly before placing it on your wrist.

Q: Where can I view my workout data after swimming?
A: Open Fitness app On your iPhone, then tap See more Next to the workout. Finally, select the workout that interests you You can see the total distance and laps swam, calorie burning, speed and stroke data and much more.

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