Canon EOS C70 with CMOS DGO sensor, RF lens mount mounted, Mount adapter EF EOS

The Canon EOS C70 has been launched as the latest model in the company’s EOS camera range. The new model comes with Canon’s RF lens mount and is compatible with a new mount adapter EF-EOS R 0.71x which enables it to work with different EF lens series. The EOS C70 also offers 4K / 120p video recording using a CMOS DGO (dual gain output) sensor. In addition, Canon has provided a direct touch control function with vertical shooting options to help cinematographers and videographers quickly change their recording settings.

Canon EOS C70 Availability Details

The Canon EOS C70, with Mount Adapter EF-EOS R 0.71x, will go on sale in November this year. Details about its price in India have not been released yet. However, it will be available in the US for $ 5499 (approximately Rs. 4,05,000), whereas the mount adapter EF-EOS R 0.71x will be $ 599.99 (approximately Rs. 44,100).

Canon EOS C70 Specification

Featuring a 4K Super 35mm CMOS DGO sensor, the Canon EOS C70 is capable of capturing 4K video in 4: 2: 2 (10-bit) colors. The image sensor is designed to read each pixel at two distinct gain levels for improved results – without the need for any post-production effort. The camera is powered by a Canon Digic DV7 image processor that supports 4K / 120p and 2K / 180p video recording and storage on a UHS-II standard SD card. It offers the option to record content in Canon’s XF-AVC or MP4 (H.265) codex.

The Canon EOS C70 has RF mount as USP because it allows cinematographers to choose a range of future-proof lenses for their next project. However, if you have a good collection of EF lenses, there is also a compatibility for them with the camera – once you add the mounting adapter EF-EOS R 0.71x. The proprietary adapter brings a 1-stop gain in light transmission using a built-in, tiny optical system.

The Canon EOS C70 camera provides an EOS iTR AF X algorithm that helps improve subject detection and tracking and bring support for head detection. The DGO sensor comes with the ability to take high dynamic range (HDR) images up to 16+ stops at low noise.

The EOS C70 uses a combination of hardware and software that allows you to capture video not only for wide screens but also for mobile devices and vertical based social media platforms. There is a very-angle LCDO with touch support. The camera also comes in a vertical grip with a tripod mount so you can mount it in portrait orientation.

Canon EOS C70 Back View Image Canon EOS C70

The Canon EOS C70 comes with a wide-angle LCD

For easy handling, the EOS C70 comes bundled with a removable top-handle. This makes it convenient to record low-angle shots. There’s also a forward-mounted mic holder to let you hold a gun mic. In addition, the camera has air intake to maintain the temperature while recording video for long hours.

The Canon EOS C70 comes with the company’s in-house dual pixel CMOS AF technology that comes with intelligent tracking and recognition systems. The camera also has a face detection AF. In addition, it comes with various controls and ports, including two mini XLRs, an audio control dial and a full HDMI terminal. There is also a dual SD card slot. The camera comes with a headphone jack and a USB Type-C port. Also, it measures 160x130x116mm and weighs 1.43 kg.

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