China’s Hickvision says US blacklisting could do short-term damage

China’s Hickvision said Wednesday that the US government’s decision to blacklist a trade could have short-term effects on video surveillance company’s performance.

Hikvision was one of eight Chinese companies blacklisted by the United States on Monday for punishing Beijing for its treatment of Muslim minorities, which sparked tensions ahead of high-level trade talks in Washington this week.

The move, which is also directed at leading Chinese AI startups Senstime Group and MegVI Technology, prevents them from buying material from US companies without US government approval.

Hickvision is extremely confident about its long-term prospects as the firm prepares to be blacklisted for the past two years, its general manager Hu Yangzhong told reporters, adding that the company has reduced its reliance on U.S. components.

HikeVision has not been allowed to sell to U.S. federal government agencies since mid-August, a law that blocked five Chinese companies from citing potential security threats because their products could allow access to sensitive systems.

Hikvision uses Intel, Nvidia, Umbrella, Western Digital and Seagate technology as providers, says John Honovich, founder of surveillance video research firm IPVM.

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