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Microsoft + Android

Microsoft Surface Duo 2

Microsoft has confirmed one Windows Central Scoop from last week: As part of the company’s usual restructuring that takes place every 18 months, it has consolidated a new dedicated segment around Android.

From the report:

  • In a memo earlier this week, Chief Product Officer (CPO) Panos Panay announced that the company is moving its Surface Duo OS, SwiftKey, Phone Link, Microsoft Launcher, and a few other Android teams under a new dedicated Android Org. Platform and experience “(AMPX.)
  • “… This new dedicated Android segment is designed to help the company double its Android offerings and really focus on the platform as a first-party effort with Windows.”
  • Let’s not ignore history: Microsoft has obviously maintained a close relationship with Android over the years. My colleagues have written all sorts of things about dropping Microsoft’s ball, dropping most of its Windows Mobile QA testers, and so on.
  • Theoretically, in 2022, we can draw a line and say that it was then and now it is, although there is some interchangeable luggage.

Why it’s important:

  • Microsoft continues to invest in Android projects, and integrating it into a single company under Panos Panay tells you that there is something in this Windows + Android + Surface state.
  • Microsoft announced last week that your phone will now be known as Phone Link, as that app seeks to bring Android phones and Windows PCs closer together.
  • Hope more come.

What next:

  • Microsoft may be investing some of its energy in Android, but much remains unknown, such as how closely it works with Google. It’s a somewhat mysterious relationship.
  • Microsoft’s partnership with Amazon’s Appstore vs. Play Store has told us enough to bring the app to Windows 11 that Google is not exactly collaborating with Microsoft’s Android team.
  • Android is certainly not owned by Google, although Android is a development.
  • How this happened is still a mystery Both The Surface Duo and Duo 2 have been able to launch with many terrible bugs.
  • (Although the good news is that the Duo 2 is apparently closer to where it should be now, a few months after the patch?)
  • And will have a Duo 3 based on previously reported asset allocations.
  • In terms of the extended Windows ecosystem, there’s Windows + Android, there’s Chrome OS + Android, and if you really look, there’s Samsung One UI + Windows + DeX?
  • Nothing is as integrated as Apple’s MacOS and iOS, but tie-ups are becoming more significant.


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