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🥕 Good morning! If you keep scrolling then today is the funniest fun thing for you, thanks for the carrots.

Plex gets better

Plex Universal Watchlist

I’m not a Plex guy because I only stream TV and movies like a dirty casual and I think I gave in to the clouds a long time ago. But my colleagues all use it for streaming from services and also for their media servers, so it has become overdue for me to try.

And, now, there’s a new update that could see Plex as a true mainstream killer app:

  • Plex has added a new feature to its app called Discovery.
  • It basically beats Google TV for public search of content.
  • It’s simple enough – here c. Scott Brown describes Bruce Willis trying to watch the classic die hard, if you’re not sure which platform it is on:

“In Plex, you will search for ‘die hard’ and it will show you a screen for that particular movie. On that page, it will tell you where you can see die hard with preferences for the services you subscribe to. If it is in a service that you do not subscribe to, it will tell you

The order of how the services will be displayed for you is as follows:

  1. Any personal Plex media server you have or connected to.
  2. The streaming platform you subscribe to.
  3. You do not subscribe to streaming platforms. “
  • Not bad! The choice looks smart and helpful and the only thing that surprises me is how Plex maintains the title as it comes and goes.
  • Google TV has it, as I said, but it’s not that good.


  • Plex has a new universal watch list that syncs across devices to monitor content.
  • The idea here is that if you think of something you want to see now or in the future or perhaps only in theaters; Add it to the watchlist, and Plex will put tabs on it and it will pop up when it becomes available. Not bad.
  • And, for these features you don’t have to be a Plex Pass subscriber, you don’t need a given level.

Of course, Plex is not the only option for media servers:

  • Jellyfish and MB are both popular options. And, of course, whatever works for you.
  • But the plex is just gone from something interesting-maybe-I-know-something that I’ll try over the weekend.


পারে Samsung could fix biggest problem with this year’s Galaxy Z fold line: Cameras that weren’t too many (Android Authority).

🍎 Apple’s WWDC 2022 event scheduled for June 6, all-online format June 6 will probably be out when iOS 16, too! (Apple).

গতকাল Microsoft held a Windows 11 event yesterday that focused on most of the work, and also “hybrid work”, which it mentioned 23 times in its press release. Main thing: File Explorer refresh (Edge)Better video calling(Engage).

Epic Unreal Engine 5 Launches: New Games / Movies / TV Sets / Strengthening YouTube Videos (Edge).

M VanMoof refreshes its e-bike lineup with $ 3,000 S5 and A5, adding a useful torque-sensor, new UI, and more, as well as a little more on price (Engage).

🌎 IPCC Report: The next few years are very important, and we are not doing enough. This is a huge report with many things to consider, but the need for carbon capture and storage technology is a real concern. (Ars Technica).


I’m going to the fruit logistics in Berlin today the moment I hit the send button today, but why not have some love for more humble vegetables? I mean, April 4th was International Carrot Day.

However, in that note:

  • Cooking carrots makes them healthier! This is not always the case, but cooked carrots help absorb beta-carotene, in a small sample study.
  • And, strangely enough, eating too many carrots can make you really yellow / orange.
  • This is not so much: it seems that 5-6 medium to large carrots per day for an extended period of time will contribute enough to give you terribly called carotenosis.
  • It looks majestic, and you just … stop eating carrots and it can go away.
  • However, here at Reddit people are talking about it when they drink too much carrot juice in a row for many days or whatever: “It simply came to our notice then. I used to make carrot drinks every day and I used to make carrot juice. My hands and feet turned orange at first and then my face, finally. I stopped and it took me at least 4-6 months to see the orange. ”
  • Does it almost seem like a good / bad idea for a Halloween costume that no one knows?

Bonus Strange: Sales of Pokemon bread have reached 10 million (Korea Herald).

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