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⚽ Good morning! I was quite surprised that FIFA offered its own streaming platform কিছু more on the links below!

Pixel 6a coming soon

Google Pixel 6a Leaked Render 4

Okay, this is interesting from the Google Pixel team: four Pixel 6a models have landed at the FCC for certification. And that could mean one of Google’s best-selling phones:

  • A) coming soon, and;
  • B) Coming to more countries than Pixel 5a.

What happened:

  • Four unknown models, including the GX7AS, GB17L, G1AZG, and GB62Z model numbers, have passed the FCC for testing and certification purposes.
  • Most of the time why it looks like Pixel 6a. It is difficult to know exactly what is listed on the FCC, but the timing of the FCC filing coincides with the next release on May 12 at Google I / O next month, if you relate to other methods of Google, where last year’s Pixel 5a FCC Was filed via – in July, before a launch in August.
  • Also, many other clues: the Pixel 6a design leaks, and the recent hard-to-confirm benchmark indicate that Google will continue to use its own tensor chip in its A-Series models.
  • Otherwise, as directed by Droid lifeThe GB62Z and GX7AS are listed as the “parent model” of the four models.
  • There’s one with 5G mmWave support, the GB62Z, and the other three models only have the Sub-6 Ghz 5G – all have NFC and Wi-Fi 6E.
  • The other difference between the models is the 5G band.

More countries?

  • The idea is that more model variants mean more accommodation for different regional operations.
  • Google could again bring its A-Series phones to a wider audience than just the United States and Japan, as it did with the Pixel 5a, which was really weird.
  • The 9 449 Pixel 5a is sold only by Google, not retailers or carriers. It was weird, but probably everything was kept in the Pixel 6 series which was ultimately Google’s real effort on a phone.
  • Google’s distribution is still nothing like a global launch, but common countries like Australia, Canada, Germany, the United Kingdom, France and Ireland may be in the mix again, although I would like to see a wider distribution in a typical world.


🤔 You can now buy a $ 800 gaming phone in the US with the global launch of Red Magic 7 Pro (Android Authority).

করেছে Launched FIFA Plus and will host 40,000 football / soccer live games annually, excluding the World Cup, but apparently the most previously unconventional competition in Europe’s topfly leagues and men’s, women’s and youth football and “every women’s” and men’s World Cup ever recorded It’s done. ” Huh! Wild. For now, it is also free through advertisements (Variety). And here is the FIFA Plus direct link, which also has an app on Android and iOS (fifa.com).

Samsung Galaxy S21 FE photo sample car raffle

Eric Zeman / Android Authority

Not like that, very weird, but here are 12 smart things WD-40 can do (LifeHacker).

  • Part of the weird thing is clicking through an entire slideshow which we did in 2011 when the web decided to add pageviews in any way possible.
  • But also, I didn’t know any of these before, so here, maybe it will help you too.
  • I don’t want to give them all away as someone wrote and tried them, but they are different: repelling insects from the grill of your car, which is brilliant, softening the skin (to a lesser extent!), And removing gum from your shoes.
  • Not bad: The root is the WD part of the name – water displacement.
  • And as my dad always said: you don’t use it like you give oil for a lubricant, because it eventually dries things out.
  • It’s for water displacement!


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