Do you consider Gcam port when buying a new phone?

The Google Pixel 6 shows the camera app in an alley

Jimmy Westenberg / Android Authority

Google’s Pixel phones are generally known for their cameras, the Google Camera app offers great image quality and some great extras like dual exposure control and super race zoom.

Over the years we’ve seen Google Camera or the Gcam app unofficially ported to a variety of third-party devices, as well as modified Gcam apps that bring unofficial support for additional features. So with that in mind, we want to know if you have considered these ported Gcam apps when buying a new phone. Let us know by taking the poll below.

Do you consider Gcam port when buying a new phone?

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These ported Gcam apps may not be Google’s official release, but they often have a reputation for delivering superior images on budget phones compared to stock camera apps. We’ve also seen flagship phones with disappointing image quality that have gained a significant bump over the years for Gcam ports (like the Poco F1).

These unofficial Gcam ports also bring features that a phone’s stock camera app may not have, such as an astrophotography mode or Pro control. If you want to use your stock camera app, they are a must see.

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On the other hand, these unofficial Gcam apps can be glamorous and fickle. There is no guarantee that Gcam will run smoothly on the device of your choice. These ports are also not available in the Play Store, so the sideloading process can be a bit of a challenge for the techno neophyte.

It’s also worth noting that many of today’s stock camera apps are actually quite good, such as the camera apps from Samsung and Huawei, reducing the need for a Gcam port at first. Either way, you can let us know via the poll above if you have considered Gcam ports when buying a phone.

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