Elon Musk will join Twitter’s board of directors when he grows up

Elon Musk is joining Twitter’s board of directors a day after Tesla CEO announced a 9 percent stake in the social media platform.

Twitter said in a regulatory filing on Tuesday that it had entered into an agreement with Musk on Monday that would give the billionaire a seat on its board, a term that would expire at its 2024 annual shareholder meeting.

Mask, alone or as a member of a group, will not be able to own more than 14.9 percent of Twitter’s outstanding stock for the next 90 days as long as he remains a board member.

Twitter co-founder and former CEO Jack Dorsio shared his excitement via a tweet. He said, “Pollen and Elon both lead with their hearts and they will be an incredible team.”

On Tuesday, Mask went to Twitter to post a poll, asking users if they wanted an edit button.

“Do you want an edit button?” Kasturi asked in a tweet.

In response to Musk’s vote, Twitter CEO Parag Agarwal tweeted that the outcome of the vote would be important. “Please vote carefully,” he said.

Musk’s poll received a number of answers, some for and some against – including The Liz Wheeler Show’s Liz Wheeler (izLiz_Wheeler) who suggested that an edit button could be misused to completely change the meaning of a tweet. After. His tweet received a response from Meta CTO Andrew Bosworth (@boztank), who noted that Facebook had already addressed the issue by designating such posts as ‘edited’.

Musk, in his own impeccable style, replied to Bosworth that “Facebook gives me a will.”

Musk’s partnership on Twitter is considered a passive investment, meaning that Musk is a long-term investor who wants to reduce the buying and selling of his shares. However, Musk is questioning the ability to communicate freely on Twitter, tweeting about freedom of speech last month, and social media platforms and industry analysts were skeptical of being next to the CEO anywhere.

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