Elon Musk will meet Twitter staff for the first time since joining the board

Tesla plans to hold a meeting with employees concerned about the impact of CEO Elon Musk on the company’s board, a Twitter spokesman said Friday.

The Twitter official did not disclose the timeline or format of the meeting.

The social media company named Musk on board Tuesday after revealing outspoken and polarizing executives that he had gained more than nine percent stake in the company, making him Twitter’s largest shareholder.

Announcing the appointment, Twitter chief executive Parag Agarwal said he was “thrilled” to name Mask and called him “an ardent believer and a fierce critic of the service we need.”

Musk says he looks forward to “significant improvements on Twitter” soon.

The Tesla chief has begun voting for his followers on whether to add an “edit” button to the service, a long-discussed tweak.

But Musk is a break-the-mold figure in American business. On Thursday, he tweeted a picture of marijuana smoking in the 2018 Joe Rogan podcast, with the caption, “Twitter’s next board meeting will be illuminated.”

His animosity often raised eyebrows and at times drew condemnation, when Jewish groups blasted his tweet comparing Canadian leader Justin Trudeau to Adolf Hitler with the Covid-19 vaccine mandate. Mask later deleted the tweet without apologizing.

The Washington Post reports that the appointment has raised suspicions among some employees.

Employees of the California-based social media company have expressed concern about Musk’s statement on the transgender issue and his reputation as a tough and driven leader, according to Slack’s statement reviewed by the Post.

His arrival has delighted some Wall Street analysts who have been frustrated by the difficulty of financing Twitter’s business.

But skeptics point out that Musk has harassed critics of the investment community and fired or punished those who spoke out or tried to unite.

A California company has filed a lawsuit against Tesla, alleging discrimination and harassment against black workers. The electric car maker has denied the allegations, saying it opposes discrimination.

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