Facebook- Parent Meta no longer requires COVID booster shots for US employees

Facebook-owner Meta and employees do not need a COVID-19 booster to enter its office in the United States, a company spokesman said Friday. The social media company had earlier said that all employees returning to the office would have to present evidence of their booster jabs while the company monitored the Omicron alternative situation.

“We updated our requirements in accordance with the CDC guidelines in early March, and now there is no longer a need for access to the Covid-19 booster, although it is strongly recommended. Tracy Clayton.

Last month, Twitter’s new head, Parag Agarwal, said it would reopen offices worldwide in March, but would allow people to work remotely if they wanted to.

Google is preparing to return to its Silicon Valley office for employees this month, with the expectation that they will be working from home just a few days a week. Tech company campuses were abandoned early in the epidemic because the spread of COVID-19 caused a social change to operate remotely.

“The business trip took effect immediately, and all worldwide Twitter offices will be up and running from March 15,” Agarwal said in multiple tweets. “You will work wherever you feel most productive and creative and that includes WFH (work from home) fulltime forever.”

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