From the Apple Watch to the Google Pixel Watch, here is the most exciting of 2022

The wearable technology space is going to be massively heated this year. At the end of the spectrum budget, we have a number of players who are struggling to consolidate a large portion of the market share. On the opposite end, at the premium end of the spectrum, we have a number of established players in the form of Apple, Samsung and Fitbit, ready to strengthen their hold. Google is ready to launch their Pixel watch, the space is just going to be exciting.

Smartwatches lined up for 2022

We look at some of the smartwatches we can see from big tech players like Apple, Samsung, Fitbit and Google.

Numerous iterations of the Apple Watch

Apple Watch

Apple Watch Series 8 is going to be the mainstay in the wearable technology industry this year with the WatchOS9. There is also a very strong possibility that Apple will release the Apple Watch SE2, a more budget-based offer based on Cupertino. The monster

Another watch in the pipeline is the Apple Watch Explorer version. It is going to be a stronger and stronger version of the Apple Watch and it will be equipped with better water and dust resistance and a stronger surface.

For any technology upgrade, there has been speculation that Apple will eventually add a blood pressure monitoring system to their watches, but this is unlikely for this year.

Google Pixel Watch

Google Pixel Watch

Render by Ian Render by Google Pixel Clock

Google had a tough time with wearable content, where they had to kill projects that had invested heavily. However, although most of these projects were somewhat hasty, Google has been working with the Pixel Watch for quite some time. The first rumors of such a smartwatch started coming back in 2018.

Some leaks suggest that the Pixel watch will come with 32GB of flash storage and will also support cellular support.

So far, there are no reliable leaks about the watch’s design or feature set. However, Google is basically starting with a clean slate, one would expect the Pixel Watch to be expensive and go toe to toe with the Apple Watch Series 8.

New Fitbit


A new Fitbit is being launched in 2022. With the acquisition of Fitbit by Google in 2021, we can expect that a lot of features will flow between the Fitbits and the Google Pixel watch. This is also the first time that a Fitbit will be launched with WearOS, a pain point for many people looking for a premium smartwatch. Until now, Fitbit was far from the Wear OS, which made the integration of smartphones rather complicated.

Samsung Galaxy Watch

Samsung watch

This year we will see the release of Samsung Galaxy Watch 5, with the latest Wear OS. So far, South Korean tech giant has not missed the annual update of its smartwatch. There are rumors that the watch will have 3 variants, one of which will be aimed at people with a more active lifestyle. This special watch will have better water and dust resistance. As always, watches from Samsung will be launched in different sizes and colors.

For those who have already bought into the Apple ecosystem and want to upgrade their smartwatch, there are not many options to choose from. However, for those on the Android side of the aisle, there are some pretty compelling offers.

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