Google Chromebooks can make it easier for users to find games

Google is bringing the power of search into video games, making it Easy for Chromebook Users find and play games.

The Internet is full of different game streaming platforms, but finding a specific game can be time consuming. Google hopes to make it a little easier, thanks to a search service that combines the origins of different games, providing a central location for users to search, According to 9to5 Google.

The following details of the new service have been discovered A note for translators Working on Chromium:

As shown next to a video game search result, Cloud starts a list of gaming platforms where the game can be played.

This is not the first time that Google has worked to combine content from different services into one central location Google TV Performs a similar service, programming from multiple streaming platforms, saving users time and effort while looking for something to watch. Similarly, Chrome OS provides a way to easily display Android apps in the search feature of Chrome Launcher.

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It’s not clear how far Google plans to take this new search option. It may be installed on Chrome OS only, to set up Chromebooks as a more efficient gaming platform, or it may extend to other products and services of the company.

However, with the growing importance and reach of gaming, Google’s plans are good news for Chromebook gamers.

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