Google Lens on Chrome desktop now includes copy text, translate, image source

Google has introduced more features in Google Lens in the desktop version of Chrome. It is now capable of doing more than just regular image search. Now, in addition to search options, it also offers text, translation and image source tools. These and many more options have been available in the Google app for smartphones for quite some time now. It is unknown at this time what he will do after leaving the post. New tools are now widely available in Chrome for Windows, Chrome OS, and Mac

The Google Lens Search Results page in the desktop version of Chrome shows three new options. The text tool automatically detects the text of an image, and lets you select any amount of text. Then you can copy, or listen to the selected text. Additionally, it can be used to perform other Google searches or to open Google Translate sites separately. Also, there is a dedicated translation tool that opens a UI like a mobile app. Google Lens is programmed to detect language automatically. However, you can select the language pair manually.

Find image source tool takes you to Google Images. This option is thought to have been added to Google Lens to correct the issue by completely replacing the image search option. This tool lets you upload images or screenshots of a webpage to Google Images and search for results.

A recent report also hinted at the addition of the Google Lens feature to the Google search homepage for Chrome on the desktop. The lens icon was spotted on while surfing Chrome in incognito mode. The spotted icon was similar to the current Google Lens icon that appears in Android’s search bar.

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