Google Meet will now remove you from empty calls, transfer host controls

Google Meet is adding new enhancements to make video meetings more effective. The video calling platform will now allow you to exit the meeting while you are the only user. With this update, when you’re the only participant in a meeting for five minutes, you’ll get a prompt to ask if you want to stay in the meeting or leave. If you do not respond within two minutes, you will automatically leave the meeting. Further, Google is focusing on host management controls in Meet to make it easier to switch between menus. They are now grouped in a central location under the Host Control menu. Controls have been found in multiple locations before.

Google announced the new update for Google Meet via a blog post on Thursday. With the new “Leave Empty Call Reminder” feature, when a user is the only person in a meeting for five minutes, they will get a prompt on whether they want to stay in the meeting or leave. If they do not respond within two minutes, they will be automatically removed from the meeting. Google says that this functionality will help avoid situations where your audio or video has been inadvertently shared. Google Meet for desktop and iOS devices may initially enjoy this feature. It is expected to arrive on Android devices soon.

Functionality will be turned on by default for all users. They can manually turn it off by heading to the web Settings> General> Off Leave the call blank. On iOS, users can select the account they want to turn off settings in the Settings menu and tap the Leave Empty Calls option.

In addition, host management is being centralized across control platforms. In addition, the host and co-host controls will be arranged in one place under the Host Control menu of Google Meet. Google says the change will make it easier to manage meeting settings by eliminating the need to switch between menus. This update is only available on Google Meet for Desktop.

Google has confirmed that it has begun offering free call reminders to all Google Workspace customers and users, including G Suite Basic, business customers and personal Google Accounts. The Host Management menu update is available to all users.

Improvements for users in the Rapid Release domain will begin April 11 It will be available to all users in the coming weeks. It may take up to 15 days for all users to see these changes

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