Here are all the ways you can contact eBay support

EBay can be a great platform to buy and sell items at a great price. But it doesn’t always work perfectly. You may need to cancel an order, or a seller may have shipped an item differently than described. As the saying goes, if a deal seems too good to be true, it probably is. Fortunately, eBay has a very strong policy to protect your purchases. Here’s how to contact eBay Customer Support to resolve any disputes.

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Quick answer

To communicate with eBay, navigate to the Help and Contact page on their website.

Go to the mode of communication

How to contact eBay on the website

eBay offers a variety of articles to answer common problem questions, which you can find by clicking here Help and communication From the upper left corner.

EBay help contact

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Here, you can quickly select any recent item that you need to take action on or read about a popular help topic.

Help with recent orders

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While this information is helpful, eBay makes it difficult to find an actual phone number or email address to reach them. Like most companies nowadays, customers are instructed to help the pages first instead of the actual ones. However, if you scroll to the bottom of the page and click Contact And dig up the help section enough, you’ll finally get to the options of email, chat or ebay calling or ask them to call you.


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eBay will provide an approximate waiting time for your convenience. The method of communication options will vary depending on your problem, so it’s best to click through to your specific problem to get the appropriate response.

Call us

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How to communicate on eBay on social media

Another way to get quick feedback from eBay is through social media. They have an online presence on Twitter and Facebook to respond to customers. To contact eBay support via Twitter, ask questions using a askebay handle on a tweet or send a direct message by tapping on their mail icon Account. Twitter support hours are open daily from 6 AM to 6 PM PT.

Ask eBay Twitter

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You can find complaints and questions on the company’s Facebook page (bebay). You can post on eBay’s wall or contact them via messenger. Facebook support usually responds to messages within an hour.

EBay Facebook

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How to contact eBay in case of fraud

Seller fraud is when a seller tries to misrepresent themselves or the products they are selling. Fortunately, eBay’s site has zero tolerance for fraud and all members are asked to report suspicious lists.

If you think you are dealing with a fraudulent seller, report it on eBay as soon as possible. To do this, navigate Customer Service -> Purchase -> Report a problem with a seller -> Take action.

Report seller

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Select and click the option that best describes your situation Continue To file a report. If you have trouble tracking their account, check out our guide to finding a specific seller on eBay.

Signs of seller fraud

Here are some warning signs when shopping on eBay:

  • Short list: Fraudsters often want to close a deal as soon as possible. The longer their list goes on eBay, the more likely they are to be caught – so be careful when you look at the one-day list. However, there are valid exceptions, such as tickets to an upcoming event.
  • Lots of discounted or sold items: Be careful if a seller has a lot of high-priced items at a suspiciously low price or has stock of a hard product to find elsewhere. For example, a red flag is when items are shipped cheaply from China because it is bound to be a knock-off. A deal seems too good to be true, it probably is.
  • Off-eBay Communication or Payment: Always be careful when a seller asks for your personal details such as an email address or phone number They may try to pay you cash or transfer money to a foreign account, which you should never do. This is against eBay policy, and eBay Money Back Guarantee will not cover your purchase.
  • Unsecured payment method: eBay does not allow certain payment methods because if there is a problem the payment cannot be found or recovered. If a seller asks you to pay using a process that is absent from the eBay-accepted payment policy, do not transact.

Where else can I get help?

If you have any questions or concerns that weren’t addressed in the previous section, here are a few more places you can ask for help.

EBay community

The eBay community is a meeting point for eBay buyers and sellers to chat, ask questions and exchange advice. You will find discussion boards on various topics and can start a conversation to get answers.

EBay community

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A green checkmark on the left side of a thread indicates that the question has been resolved. You can also see how many members have viewed, commented or liked a post on the right

Decision meeting

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EBay is the basis of knowledge

The eBay Knowledge Base is similar to the Community Board but more based on how vendors and business accounts can optimize their online presence. You can quickly find answers to commonly asked questions or start a discussion thread.


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How to access all the resources at your disposal to resolve any issues you may have on eBay. If there is a problem with any item you buy, try working with the seller first. But rest assured, you can always ask eBay to take action if you need to.

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Can I contact eBay by email?

EBay has turned off its “email us” button, but you can navigate and send them an email to an address for a specific issue Help and Contact–> Contact Us.

Can I contact eBay on the phone?

You can reach the eBay Resolution Center by calling (866) 348-9519 for general customer service, (866) 961-9253 for hacked accounts, or by calling (866) 643-1607 to report fraud.

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