How to ban or ban someone on Discord

When you are in charge of running a discord server, you have a lot of power. As a result, you have a huge responsibility to maintain order within that server. Most large servers and discord communities have a set of rules and if someone comes in and breaks those rules you need to know to ban them. On the other hand, they can appeal and eventually win the right to return to the server. In that case, you also need to know how to ban someone on Discord.

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Quick answer

To ban someone from Discord, right-click that user on your Discord server’s member list. Click Prohibition [their username].

To ban someone in Discord, go to yours Server settings And click Prohibition. Click the user you want to ban, then click Revoke the ban.

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It’s crazy what they think they can get away with online. When working in an online disguise or under the guise of personality, it does not automatically begin to push political or inappropriate issues into unrelated channels. Many people often think that it is funny to post excessive amounts of spam or hate speech, or they may post NSFW pictures in high-traffic areas of the server. We’ve even seen users start promoting other servers on other servers, which is irresponsible and disrespectful.

Some men's differences

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While some more chaotic servers may allow rough actions, most will not. Rules for large servers with many members will be set up. If anyone breaks these rules, action will be taken depending on the people running the server. This often means prohibition.

How to ban someone from Discord Server


Open the Discord desktop app or log in to the website in the browser. Go to your server, then find the one you want to ban in the user list on the right side of the interface.

Find the user you want to ban

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Right-click that user. From the Extended menu, click Prohibition [their username].

Right click then find the Forbidden button desktop

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On the title confirmation screen Do you want to ban ‘.[their username]? ‘ You can choose how many messages history you want to delete from the server:

  • Do not delete any
  • Previous 24 hours
  • The previous 7 days

You can also provide a reason to ban them The reason for the ban Text box

Click the red ban button on the desktop

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When ready, click red Prohibition Button to ban user from server. Discord will not inform them that they were banned; Instead, they will no longer see your server in their server list.

Android and iOS

Go to the list of your server members, then tap on the one you want to ban. From the User menu that appears, press the hammer shape Prohibition Button

Banning server members on Discord Mobile

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In Prohibition ‘[their username]’ In the window, you can choose how many messages history you want to delete from the server, then give them a reason to ban. When finished, press red Make sure Button

How to ban someone from Discord Server

After banning someone from your Discord server, it’s not as if their presence has been completely removed from the server. There is a way to find them again and regain their server access.


Go to your server, then click the down arrow next to your server name.

Click the down arrow on your server

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Click Server settings From the dropdown menu.

Click Server Settings from your desktop client

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In Server Settings, scroll to the left menu until you reach User management Chapter. Click Prohibition.

Click Restrict in the server settings

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Find the user in the list you want to unlink, then click their username.

Click the user for whom you want to revoke the ban

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Click Revoke the ban To ban them.

Click Revoke Restrictions to restore their access

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Android and iOS

In the Discord Mobile app, go to your server and press 3The button above, next to the name of your server. From the next pop-up menu, press Gear Shape Settings Button

Go to Ban from Mobile Server Settings

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Get down Server settings Until you arrive User management. Press the hammer shape Prohibition Button

Prohibit User Discard Mobile

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Yes. If you have a bot, like it Dino Set up, you can set parameters for automatic restrictions. Many bots have a built-in ban function, so you need to find the most suitable one on your server.

Can Discord Phone Number Ban?

Not from the platform. However, if you are banned from a server, your account, IP address, and phone number are all banned from the server.

How long is the ban on Discord?

An indefinite ban from a Discord server. You will be permanently banned unless someone blocks you from that server.

Can you apply for a ban on Discord?

Contacting one of the discord server owners, administrators or moderators is usually not a great idea unless you think you were 100% correct and should not have been banned. Although you can always try this, or you can go to Discord’s website and submit a request.

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