How to change the background in Microsoft teams

If you forget to clear before the meeting or don’t want to show people what’s behind you, the Microsoft team lets you blur the background or add filters and effects. Here’s how to change your background in Microsoft Teams.

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Quick answer

To change your background in Microsoft Teams, click Background filter When setting up your audio and video settings before making a call. Choose from available backgrounds or upload your photos.

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Change the background in Microsoft Teams

Before a call

Microsoft team changes the background

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When you start or join a meeting, you must first set up your audio and video settings. In the Settings pop-up, click Background filter. The setting is called on the mobile Background effects.

The Microsoft team selects a background

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In Background settings In the section, select an option from the available backgrounds or Fuzzy To blur your background. You can add your picture by clicking New At the top of the section. Use a green screen to make the background look as beautiful as possible.

During a call

Change the background during the call

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If you already have a call, click More In the top bar and click Apply background effects. On mobile, tap on the Options menu (three horizontal dots) and tap Background effects.

Change the background during Call 2

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Choose the background you want and click Preface Or Please apply. Your video will be turned off when you preview a background.

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Why don’t I have a Microsoft team background?

If you do not see a background, it is not set up yet Follow the steps above to add a background You will not see a background effects option in the mobile app if it does not meet the minimum device requirements.

  • Team Mobile App for Android (Version 1416 / or later)
  • Android version 10 or later
  • GPU
    • Qualcomm Adreno 610 or later
    • Arm Mali-G71 or later
    • Arm Mali-T720 or later

What kind of images can I upload for a custom background?

Microsoft Team supports JPG, PNG, and BMP files. For best results make sure it is in 16: 9 aspect ratio and full HD resolution.

How do you add a custom background to Microsoft Teams?

Follow the steps above. In Background settings Category, click New Upload a picture from your desktop or gallery to the top and to your mobile.

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