How to change your cursor on a Chromebook

Changing the cursor on your computer may not be as annoying as it used to be, but it’s still a great way to add a little splash to your machine. Chromebooks also have this functionality, with some built-in cursor customizations and some more third-party apps. Here’s how to change your cursor on a Chromebook.

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Quick answer

To change your cursor on a Chromebook, go Settings -> Advanced -> Accessibility -> Manage accessibility settings -> Mouse and touchpad. Alternatively, you can install a custom cursor for the Chrome extension and choose a custom cursor.

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How to change the cursor officially on Chromebook

Open the Settings app on your Chromebook. Click Advanced On the blade on the left, and then Accessibility. In the right pane, click Manage accessibility settings.

Chromebook accessibility settings

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Scroll down Mouse and touchpad. To change the color of the cursor, click on the dropdown menu next to it Color cursorAnd click the color you want.

Change the color of the Chromebook cursor

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To resize the cursor, click the toggle next to it Show large mouse cursor. A slider will pop up below it, labeled Adjust the size of the cursor. Move the slider to resize your cursor.

Resize the Chromebook cursor

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You can also enable cursor highlighting options, and set it to auto-click when it is closed. This is about the limits of cosmetic customization on your Chromebook cursor using the official method.

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Using a third-party app for custom cursors on a Chromebook

If you like Flair a little more, don’t worry, there’s an app for it. A Google Chrome extension called Custom Cursor for Chrome lets you get a whole bunch of different cursors on your Chromebook. Click Add to Chrome Button

Chromebook Custom cursor for the Chrome Web Store

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Click Add extension Button

Add custom cursor Chrome Web Store extension for Chromebook

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The extension will appear in the Google Chrome address bar with a cursor logo. Click to open it. If the extension is not visible, you can find it by clicking ৷ Extensions Buttons that look like a jigsaw piece.

You can select the cursor of your choice from the list of popular cursors by clicking on the one you like. Or click More cursors Buttons to go through the whole collection. Alternatively, the custom cursor for Chrome lets you upload your own

Custom cursors for the Chromebook cursor list

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You can also resize the custom cursor using the cursor size button at the top of the extension and return to the default cursor by clicking the power button at the top of the extension.

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