How to download a GIF on Twitter

If you live in large GIF images, one of the places to find them is Twitter After all, in a country where short messages reign supreme, a GIF is the equivalent of a tweet. If you see a funny GIF, you may want to download it to your computer. But is it possible? Can you download a GIF from Twitter?

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Quick answer

Twitter does not allow you to download a GIF image directly from the site. Instead, you’ll need to use a third-party app.

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Twitter GIF images are not real GIFs

The first thing you need to understand is that when you see a GIF on Twitter, This is not a real GIF (Although it says GIF Page). Instead, when someone uploads a GIF to Twitter, the site automatically converts it to an MP4 movie file.

So when downloading “GIF image” from Twitter, using a third party app, it will be downloaded to your computer as an MP4 file. Then you need to convert it to an exact GIF image. Also keep in mind that if you re-upload the GIF image to Twitter, they are going to convert it back to MP4.

How to save a GIF from Twitter to your computer

The process is the same whether you are on Windows PC or Mac.

Open the tweet containing the GIF and click on the tweet URL. Copy the link with CTRL + C (or CMD + C on a Mac).

Download GIF Twitter URL

You must now choose a Twitter video downloading tool. There are many options and you can find them by googling. But one that seems to be highly recommended is the Twitter video downloader. Enter the GIF link you copied in the box and click Download. The GIF will now appear as an MP4 download.

Twitter downloader mp4 link

Right click on the download link and select Save the link. (Or your operating system equivalent).

Save as Twitter Downloader

The GIF will now be downloaded to your computer as an MP4 file. To get it back to the original GIF format, you now need a conversion tool. Again, Google seems to be your friend, but the highest rated EZGIF. Navigate to the MP4 file from your computer, select it and click blue Upload video! Button

EZGIF upload

On the next page, scroll down and click Convert to GIF! Button (assuming you don’t want to make any editing changes to the GIF).

EZGIF option

How to save a GIF from Twitter on Android

For such things, mobile devices are a little more limited than desktop computers. So the easiest way is to use the app. On Android, a good one is Tweet2gif.

On the Tweet page with GIF images, tap and select the Share menu Tweet link copy.

Tweet link copy

In the Tweet2gif app, paste and select the link in the URL box provided Download GIF.


How to save a GIF from Twitter on iOS


If you have an iOS device, the best app to use is the nice name GIFwrapped. It works just like Tweet2gif. Get the direct link to the tweet, and insert it into GIFwrapped

You can either save GIF images to the app, or you can use them to save them to your camera roll. Save image Options Share List.

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Can you get a GIF as your Twitter profile picture?

Officially, Twitter does not allow GIF images to be used as profile images. But a lot of people have reported that you can still do it, without results. However, some Twitter clients refuse to show animated GIF images. If you want to try it out, 192 pixels seems like the best size.

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