How to find and add friends on Facebook

Facebook is about finding and adding your friends to your profile. So when you set up your account for the first time, it’s time to think about the people you’ve met throughout your life, find out their names, and start searching for them on Facebook. After all, don’t we want to see if the school bully is now a fast-food worker? Here’s how to find and add friends on Facebook.

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Quick answer

To find someone on Facebook, start by adding their name to the search engine and click People Only get people. If there are many more results, you can filter by country, city, education, and workplace. Once you’ve found the person, you can either send them a friend request (which they must approve) or follow their public posts (which do not require approval).

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How to find friends on Facebook

Of course, the easiest way to find someone on Facebook is to ask that person for his profile link. But obviously, this is possible only if you communicate with the person. If you lost contact with the love of your life 30 years ago and you want to reconnect, you need to find that person. Keep in mind though that the more common the name, the harder it will be to find them and it is assumed that they still have the same name and live in the same place.

Start by logging in to Facebook and entering the person’s name in the search engine. If the person’s name is Ronald Kwakidaki, there will probably be only one result and your search is over. But if you are unlucky enough to search for John Smith or Mary Jones, you are going to cut your work for yourself.

So let’s look for our old distant friend, John Smith. After entering his name on Facebook, you get a lot of results, surprisingly.

Facebook search results

The results are categorized in the menu on the left. To get people, click People. It compresses it a bit. This brings up some more options in the left menu. Friends of friends, city, education, and work. Although it says CityYou can enter cities and even villages here if Facebook has a record of them.

Facebook search results filter people

This is where you need to set up your game, because a simple name will not suffice. You need another piece of information. Start by entering their latest known location. If that doesn’t work, try entering their school or the last known workplace.

After that, your friends put a picture on their profile to give it a perfect match to scroll through the results and expect. If you can’t find them, check to see if their parents or siblings are on Facebook. They can point you in the right direction. It is very rare for someone to be completely off the map (unless they are in witness protection.)

How to send a friend request on Facebook

Once you find the person, click on their name in the search results When you come to their page, you hope to see it.

Facebook add friend button

I say “I hope so” because you can actually disable this button in profile settings to prevent annoyance from friend requests. Assuming your friend has disabled them, click the button. Now they will be sent a notification that you want to connect. Once they approve, you will be notified again. However, if they do not approve your request, you will No. To inform

If Add friends The button is gone, you can either send them a message using the messenger button and request to add them from the edge. Or you can select by clicking on the three horizontal points below Follow.

Follow Facebook

This enables you to view their public posts without the need for approval from another person

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Why can’t I add someone to Facebook as a friend?

Probably a factor as to why they’re doing so poorly Add friends Functions in their profile settings, or they have restricted it Friend of a friend. In this case, you need to reach out to them via messenger and ask them to send you a friend request. But if they have all the trouble shutting down the function, they can’t respond to your request unless they know you well.

Why can’t I find my friend on Facebook?

They may lock down their privacy settings. They may change their name and / or location. Their Facebook profile may not have enough information to return accurate results when you search. They may not have a picture on their profile, which makes it impossible for you to know them The more common the person’s name, the harder it is to narrow down the search.

Where can I find a friend on Facebook?

Facebook is constantly using its algorithm to connect between you and other people to determine “who you know”. Part of this is based on who your friends know, and Facebook assumes that you also know these people as a “mutual friend.” To see Facebook’s suggestions, go here.

How can I see my friend requests sent on Facebook?

Click here and select the little blue See sent request Link to the top left of the side menu.

How do I cancel a friend request sent to Facebook?

Go to the Facebook profile page of the person in question. The Add friends The button will now be replaced by a Friend request sent Click this button to cancel the friend request. If the text of the button comes back again Add friendsThen the cancellation was successful.

How do I hide my friends list on Facebook?

How do I stop receiving random friend requests on Facebook?

Lockdown your privacy settings. At this link, scroll down How can people find and communicate with you? And How do you get the message request. Click Edit Limit the link next to each option and who can contact you.

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