How to get back from Sony PlayStation Store

Whether you’ve changed your mind or bought a game by mistake, there’s a quick way to get it back from Sony’s PlayStation Store. The only downside is that if you have already downloaded your purchased content to your console, you will not receive a refund. Here’s what you need to know about PlayStation Store refunds and how to get them

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How does a refund work in the PlayStation Store?

You can request a refund within 14 days of purchase from the PlayStation Store for subscriptions such as games, DLC, pre-orders, movies and PlayStation Now. Requesting a refund is as easy as taking a few minutes to chat with a Sony representative Sometimes, there are times when a game release is so bad that Sony returns it to everyone who buys it, but such incidents are rare.

However, the most important caveat is that if you download the content to your console, you are ineligible for a refund. In other words, if you play a game and decide you don’t like it, you have to keep it. Similarly, if you pre-order a game that you have not yet played and have already pre-loaded on your console.

Sony’s upcoming PS Plus service will include a level where players can test a game in a time-limited trial before purchase, but until then, you’ll need to keep any games installed on your console. See the next section to learn how to disable automatic downloads so that you are always eligible for a refund.

Tips and tricks to get a refund

Since you can’t get a refund for purchases from the Sony PlayStation Store after installing, it’s a good idea to check out some reviews or gameplay videos in advance. Your wallet will thank you, as most next-generation titles sell for-80- $ 100 at the time of publication. So make sure as much as possible that the experience will be worth it.

If refunds are important to you, you should disable automatic updates and downloads on your PS5. Thus, you need to download manually, two weeks after the purchase to decide if you want a refund.

Navigate Settings Select Menu and Saved data and game / app settings.

Settings save data

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Select Automatic updates On the left. Stop Auto-download And Auto-install in rest mode Without your word to prevent your PS5 from installing game updates and pre-order downloads.

Automatic download

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The only downside here is that you have to manually and manually download updates for the game. It’s a bit annoying, but the trade-off between getting the latest version of your games automatically and asking for a refund stops.

Talk to customer service about how to get a refund

There is no option to start a refund on your PS5 console. Instead, go to the PlayStation Support page in a web browser and click blue Return request Before connecting to Button Live Agent you need to answer some questions from a chatbot. After that, the support team should approve the refund.

Contact PS support

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If you do not recognize any payments or emails in your PSN account, reset the password associated with your sign-in ID and contact PlayStation Support.

Can I get my money back by canceling my PlayStation Plus subscription?

Yes, you can cancel your PS Plus subscription and get refunds for the remaining months.

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