How to link your PS5 to PlayStation app

In addition to the PS5 release, Sony has given the PlayStation app a significant update with lots of new features. Once linked, it’s like having a portable interface on your console, where you can control everything remotely with the touch of a finger. Here’s how to link your PS5 with the mobile app.

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To link your PS5 with the app, open the PlayStation app and select Settings--> Link the console to the app.

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Why link PS5 with the app?

There are several benefits to linking your PS5 console with Sony’s mobile app. Overall, the app lets you access and manage your PS5 wherever you are, and stay up to date with the latest deals, news and communities. It has an incredibly smooth user interface. Here are some reasons to link your PS5 with the app.

Connect with friends

Quickly check which of your friends are online and what games they’re playing from the app to see if you need to back up in a multiplayer match. You can even watch your friends live gameplay to see how they are doing.

PS App Game Base

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Create voice chat parties with up to 15 people to chat and strategize online. You’ll be invited to join a chat or play a game via a notification on your phone’s lock screen, so you’ll never miss out. Of course, PSN players also have the traditional method of sending text messages.

You can look at the profile of the players and compare your trophy collection if you are competitive type. To keep track of your progress, the app will give you a quick view of the trophies received in your most recent games.

Take control of your console

While your PS5 is in rest mode, you can download games and add-ons remotely from your app, so they’re ready for you to pick the controller. The PlayStation Store is fully integrated for you to browse new releases, pre-order games and check out the latest deals.

PS App Store

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If you find that your storage space is running low, you can manage your PS5 storage remotely at any time to make room for the next game. For example, if you’re picking a new game in the store, you can make sure your console has enough free GB through the app before you go home.

App PS5 Storage Link

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After linking your PS5 with the app, you can even turn on your console and play games from your phone or turn off your console remotely if you forget before you leave home.

Discover and share games

You’ll get quick access to the PS Blog to keep up with Sony’s latest gaming announcements and releases.

PS App Blog

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Any screenshot or video clip captured while playing a PS5 game can be automatically uploaded to the cloud, ready to be shared on social media. Also, you can download captures of any game on your mobile device so that you can keep happy or send.

How to link PS5 in the app

The first thing to do is download the PlayStation app to your phone. Android users will need Android 6.0 or higher and iPhone users must have iOS 12.2 or higher.

Once installed, open the app on your phone, sign in to your PSN account, and tap Settings from the homepage.

PS app

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Select Link the console to the app Under Console management.

PS PS5 Console Link App

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Finally, select your console, then tap Make sure To link your PS5 with the app.

PS App Link PS5

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If you don’t see your PS5, make sure you’re signed in to the console with the same account you’re using in the PlayStation app.

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Have a PlayStation app for PC?

The PlayStation app is currently only available on mobile devices. However, you can use PS Remote Play to stream your PS5 to play wirelessly on your PC.

Can you watch clips on the PlayStation app?

Yes, you can watch video clips or screenshots captured on your PS5 if linked to the PS app.

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