How to manage your PS5 console storage

The PS5 comes with 667 GB of usable storage, as you may know, after downloading a few games it can fill up quickly, especially when AAA titles like The Last of Us 2 or Ghost of Tsushima take around 100 GB each. Here’s how to manage your PS5 storage and make room for the games you want to play.

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Short answer

To manage your PS5 storage, navigate Settings -> Storage And select which games to delete or remove

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How to manage storage from PS5 console

To see how much free storage space you have on your PS5 console, go here Settings-> S.In anger.

Settings storage

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The PS5 comes with approximately 667 GB of storage space. If there is no room left on your console, you can either delete the data or move the data to different storage spaces. Select any game to bring up management options.

Select the item to move to PS5

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When moving or deleting games, select which ones you want to manage and where you want to move them.

Move the game

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If you are planning to play a lot of games, consider investing in an external storage device. This allows you to expand your storage space and no longer play offloaded games. Keep in mind that if you get an external storage device, you can only play PS4 games from it. When you can store PS5 games on an external hard drive, you need to move them to your PS5’s internal hard drive to play.

Last year, Sony added a firmware update to the PS5 that allows players to expand their internal storage with an M.2 SSD drive. Although an internal M.2 SSD will cost more than an external hard drive, you can play PS5 games from one. The Subrant makes a well with a heatsink that fits smoothly flat inside the console. Refer to Sony’s guide for precise details of compatible drives.

Alternatively, if you’re a PlayStation Plus customer, you can use cloud storage to store stored data. Even if you can’t download the entire game in the cloud, you can save up to 100 GB of PS5 stored data and 100 GB of PS4 stored data, which can help free up space.

How to manage storage from PlayStation app

If you link to your PS5 PlayStation app, you can check your storage space and use your phone to delete games from your console and USB extended storage. Note that removing and copying games is not supported in the app, but these features may be available in future updates.

Open the PlayStation app and select Settings-> Storage See how much storage space your console has.

PS App Storage 1

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From there, you can see which games are installed on your console, M.2 SSD, and USB device.


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Although the PS5 technically has 825 GB of storage space, only 667 GB is actually usable. Space may seem low because games are taking up more storage than ever before.

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