How to mute words on Twitter to avoid spoilers

If you go to social media and read about the latest cryptocurrency suggestions, or you’re constantly confused about your favorite TV show, it may be time to start mitigating specific keywords. This prevents posts with that keyword from appearing in your timeline Here’s how you do it on Twitter. Your conscience will thank you.

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Quick answer

To mute words on Twitter, go Settings -> Privacy & Security -> Mute & Block -> Mute. The file path is the same in the mobile app, you must first tap on your profile icon to access the settings link.

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How to mute words on Twitter on the web

To mute the word on the Twitter website, go Settings-> Privacy & Security-> Mute & Block

Twitter settings muted

You will now see several options. The one we are looking for Silent sound. Select that.

Twitter is muted and blocked

If you currently mute any words, they will appear on the next screen Click + Icon in the upper right corner to write a new mute word.

Add mute words to Twitter

Although the feature is called Add Muted Words, you can also enter a phrase, a username, or a hashtag. So if you want to avoid any accent in the new Jason Statham movie you can be really thorough.

Twitter Add mute2

Enter the word, phrase, username or hashtag you want to mute. Specify if you want to mute it from someone or only those you don’t follow. Finally, tell me how long the silence should last. Maybe you just want to mute it for a while until you’ve seen a movie and you no longer have to worry about spoilers? On the other hand, if you’re really sick of that bitcoin advice, maybe keep it silent indefinitely?

How to mute words on Twitter app

On Android and iOS, tap your profile photo in the top left corner. Opens the side menu, scroll down and select Settings.

Twitter iOS profile icon

Select Privacy and security.

Twitter settings privacy
Mute and block Twitter iOS
Twitter iOS Silent Word

This is the screen where all your silent words will appear Tap Add 6 at the bottom right to add a new mute word

twitter ios Add mute words

Enter your words or phrases, decide who you want to block, and for how long. Save and exit.

Twitter iOS Silent Word 2

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