How to play music on discord using a bot

One of the pleasures of listening to music with other people disakarda use. You just can not play together, thanks to the party as disakardake you can do a lot more. Now, you can connect with disakardera spatiphaike and a listening party can begin, however, is another great way to listen to music, there are disakarde: with a bot. How to play music, it’s disakarde properly.

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Quick answer

To play music on Discord, invite a bot like FredBot to your Discord server. From there, you can use various commands to find the music you want to play on a voice channel.

How to Add a Music Bot to Discord (FredBot)

There are many different music bots that you can invite to your Discord server. However, for this exercise, we will use Fredboat.

Visit the Fredboat website or the music bot you want to add to your Discord server. Click Enter Please log in to your account and disakarda.

Login button on fredboat

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Upstairs Discord wants to access your account FredBoat ♪♪ Page, scroll down and click To approve. This will be the same for any music bots you want to invite to your server

Authorization fredboat

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Click Invite to Server

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Under the next page Add to serverClick on the arrow to open lower Select a server Dropdown menu. Click the server you want to add bots to, then click To approve Down.

Approve bots

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Go back to your music on your server disakarde bot will appear as a user. We have already “#fredboatcommands” We have set up as a separate text and FredBoat the channel has posted a message that explains how to use the platform.

Server fredboat

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Using Fredboat

There are differences in the way music bots run commands. FredBoat is particularly easy, and if you’re ever confused about the control of playing music, you can always type ;; orders everyone In any text channel to draw a complete list of Fredboat commands.

Fredboat command

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If you know the name of the song, you want to play it

Join any voice channel on your Discord server. Type in any text channel — and, yes, any text channel will work because of the permissions you gave to Fredboat during the invitation process. ;; game [name of your song]. Fredboat will search the song on YouTube, SoundCloud and BandCamp.

Game What song fredboat

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FredBoat channel response text immediately with five options. Choose the type you want to play for ;; Game 1, 2, 3, 4Or 5.

Start playing a song from the Fredboat 1 list

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After responding with your favorite song number, Fredboat will join your voice channel and start playing that song. To turn off the music, type ;; Stop On the channel

If you have a song URL

Join any voice channel on your Discord server. Then, go to the channel and type any text ;; game [paste your song URL]. In this example, we are using a URL from YouTube.

YouTube URL Differences

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Google has recently started taking down music bots like Rhythm and Grovy. As a result, Discord is promoting its ‘Watch Together’ feature, which lets you watch YouTube videos with other people.

Can you connect Apple Music to Discord?

No, there is no way to connect Apple Music to Discord.

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