How to report someone to Discord

In most cases, reporting to other users on a platform like Discord is a last-ditch kind of thing. You don’t want to report people you think are cheating, just like in multiplayer video games. If users are abusive, harass other users, send excessive amounts of spam, or behave inconsistently with Discord’s community guidelines, you can go to their support page and report manually. Let me give you a brief overview on how to report to Discord.

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Quick answer

To report to someone in Discord, enable Developer mode In user settings. Next, go back to the message you want to report, right-click on it, and select it Copy ID. Go Discord support In a browser and create a new request, then post the message ID Description Box below.

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Let’s get rid of it first: you can’t just report it to someone because you like it. You must provide proof of their misconduct and then submit it to Discord.

More specifically, you must go to user settings and enable Developer mode To see Copy ID Buttons on specific messages. Clicking on it will copy the ID of the message to your clipboard, which you can send to Discord as proof that you are accusing that user of harassment, offensive behavior or anything else.

If they do nothing for the platform-level punitive measures, you will have a hard time reporting them.

How to report to someone on Discord (Desktop)

Turn on developer mode

Open the Discord desktop client or log in to your account on the website. Click Gear Shape User settings Button at the bottom of the interface to open user settings.

The first step is to go to user settings

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Next, scroll down App settings Category and click Advanced.

Step Two Click Continue from the menu on the left

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In the Advanced menu, click Developer mode If the slider is gray. When it turns green, you have enabled Developer Options

In the third step, click on Developer Mode Slider

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Gather evidence for the report

Message link

Identify the message containing the content you want to report to Discord. Note that you are not reporting the message yourself. You will send that message to Discord as well as your explanation as evidence of higher action against that particular user.

Hover your mouse over that message. From the options displayed on the right, click on the three dot-shapes More Button

Click ... more

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Click Copy message link From the extended menu options.

Copy a message link directly

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Message ID

Hover your mouse over the message you want to report. Click on the three dot shaped More Buttons from the options displayed at the top right.

Click ... more

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From the Enhanced menu option, click Copy ID To copy the message ID.

Click on Copy ID from the next dropdown menu

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User ID

To copy someone’s user ID, all you have to do is right-click on their name bar anywhere. From the next dropdown menu, click Copy ID.

Copy a user ID in conflict

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Submit proof and report

You must complete this final “reporting” step in a browser.

Click Submit a Request to the Support Site 1

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Upstairs Submit a request On the page, click the dropdown menu at the bottom Can we help you? And select Confidence and security.

Trust and security options 1

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Under How can we help?Choose the option that best describes why you are reporting to that user: Report abuse or harassment, Spam reportOr Report another problem.

Select the type of report you want

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There is a huge branch menu out there. For example, if you click Report abuse or harassmentBelow will come six more options Do you want to report?. When clicked Cyber ​​bullying or harassmentBelow this, five more options can be seen Which way? And so on

Paste message link

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Keep filling in the options until you see an empty field at the bottom Message link (e.g. In this box enter the message link you copied earlier.

Submit the report

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In Description Box, paste Message ID And User ID You have copied before. Enter any additional details you want to know about Discord, then click Submit.

How to report to someone on Discord (Android and iOS)

In the Discord mobile app, locate the message that you want to report to Discord. Long press that message and then press the flag-shape from the next menu Report Button

Find the report button on mobile

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Go to the full branching menu, answering all the questions about the message you are reporting. When you get to the finals Report summary Page, press Submit the report.

Submit mobile report discord

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How do you report users under 13 to Discord?

If you suspect a user is too young, you can send an email with details [email protected].

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