How to set up and activate Siri on Apple devices

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To set up Siri on iPhone or iPad, toggle on Listen to “Hey Siri” Inside Settings> Siri and Search. On a Mac, use Enable Ask Siri In Apple> System Preferences> Siri. The assistant can usually be triggered by saying “Hey Siri” to the mic input or by pressing a button.

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How to set up Siri

If you use an Apple device every day, you probably already have Siri turned on. The affiliates are so involved with the platforms that you will be prompted to configure Siri the first time you receive most products. If you reject the option, here’s how to set up Siri after reality.

On an iPhone or iPad

  • Open Settings App
  • Scroll down and select Siri and search.
  • Toggle on Listen to “Hey Siri”.
  • Tap Enable Siri.
  • Follow the prompts to train Siri in your voice.

On a Mac

  • Click Apples Top left menu, then System Preferences.
  • Click Siri.
  • To like Enable Ask SiriThen Enable.

On other devices

Usually you don’t have to worry about manually enabling Siri on Apple Watch or HomePad. A watch mirrors your iPhone’s settings and is so integral to the assistant homepod that it turns on by default.

You can check if an Apple Watch has Siri by going to Settings app SiriThen whether Hey Siri And / or Increase speaking Active.

If you have Siri turned off on a homepad, you can reactivate it by tapping and holding the speaker icon in the Apple Home app, selecting SettingsAnd then Listen to “Hey Siri”.

It’s easier to get Siri on Apple TV. Open Settings App, then General> Siri. Turn on the option.

How to activate Siri on your iPhone or iPad

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In general, the best way is to say “Hey Siri” within the microphone range. It can be a few feet – or meters, as it were. The closer you are, the more likely it is that a device will respond, unless the place you are in is very noisy. You can get it with Siri-enabled headphones (see below).

With the appropriate options enabled Settings> Siri and Search, You can hold down a button. If you have a home button on the front of your device, such as the iPhone SE, that’s what you need to use. Instead, most new iPhones and iPads have a side button that you use to wake up.

How to activate Siri on other Apple devices

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  • An Apple Watch: Raise your wrist to your face and say, “Hey Siri.” If you have, you can often avoid the sound of waking up Increase speaking As an active option, hold down the Digital Crown button until Siri appears.
  • On an Apple TV: Hold the Siri Remote microphone button close to your head.
  • In a homepad: Say “Hey Siri” in the same room or touch and hold the top of your homepod while talking.
  • In a Mac: Say “Hey Siri” or click the Siri icon on your dock, menu bar or touch bar. Click and hold the icon for long commands. If you have Type to Series enabled, you can use your keyboard to type things.
  • On AirPods (and other Siri-equipped headphones): Say “Hey Siri” or use the appropriate tap gestures, which vary by product. For example, in 3rd generation AirPods or AirPods Pro, you can press and hold the force sensor on a cane.

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