How to turn off Siri tips

While people tend to think of Siri as a voice assistant first and foremost, it actually exists across the Apple platform in a subtle way in the form of suggestions for apps, action, search, and more. Here’s how to turn off Siri Tips completely or only for specific apps.

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Quick answer

To turn off Siri suggestions on iPhones and iPads, open Settings App and tap Siri and search. Toggle one or more options below Advice from Apple. To turn off Siri suggestions on Macs, navigate Apple> System Preferences> Siri> Siri Tips and PrivacyThen uncheck everything you don’t want.

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How to turn off Siri tips completely

On iPhone and iPad

  • Open the Settings app.
  • Scroll down and select Siri and search.
  • Scroll down again until you find a section you have marked Advice from Apple.
  • Flip one or more toggles available. These include notifications, sharing tips, listening tips and spotlight and tips in the app library.


  • Navigate Apple> System Preferences> Siri.
  • Click Siri advice and privacy.
  • Uncheck any items you do not want.

How to turn off Siri app suggestions

Siri usually advises context-based apps using machine learning on the iPhone and iPad. For example, the Roku app is recommended if you put it on the TV at the same time every day. You can control whether or not specific apps are suggested, or limit where suggestions will appear.

  • Open Settings App
  • Scroll down and select Siri and search.
  • Under Advice from AppleFind the app you’re worried about.
  • Stop Learn from this app If you do not want advice.
  • For more granular control, you can keep it on but toggle off Show on home screen, Suggest the appAnd / or Notice of Advice.

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