How to unlink PayPal from Discord

It’s always a good idea to keep an eye on your ongoing subscriptions and recurring payments. Whether it’s rent, insurance, or a worldwide service subscription to Discord, you must keep an eagle’s eye on your recurring payments. Now, sometimes you want to keep your payments going but change the way you pay. If you are a Discord Nitro customer, both PayPal and Discord make it very easy to change payment methods. Let’s not know how to unlink PayPal from Discord.

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Quick answer

To unlink Paypal from Discord, click Gear-Shape Settings Button on PayPal website. From your Account Settings page, click Payment > Manage automatic payments > Discord Inc.. Click Cancel Next to Active In Status Chapter.

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How to unlink PayPal from Discord

Via PayPal

Go to the PayPal website in your browser and log in to your account. From the My Account home screen, click Gear-Shape Settings Button

Click on the PayPal gear shaped button

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At the top, there will be a toolbar with various tabs at the bottom. Click Payment.

Click Payment

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Under Automatic payment In the section, go ahead and click Manage automatic payments Button

Click Manage Automatic Payment

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On the left will be a list of running automated payment sources You are automatically paying for these services and sites from PayPal Search Discord Inc. In the list, then click on it.

Find disputes and cancel active payments

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Next to StatusIt should be said Active If you subscribe to Discord Nitro using your PayPal account. Click Cancel Button next to it.

Cancel future automatic payments for disputes

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On the confirmation page, click blue Cancel automatic payment Button

Through Discord

Open the Discord desktop app or log in to your account in the browser. Click Gear Shape User settings Button at the bottom of the interface.

Click the user settings discord desktop

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Under Billing settings In the left-hand menu section, click Membership.

Click Subscribe

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Find your Discord Nitro subscription. If you pay with PayPal, you should appear at the bottom of your PayPal account With paying for it. Click the down arrow next to your PayPal account.

Click on the down arrow for more options

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From the options that appear, click Add a new payment method. Add all certificates to your new payment method, then switch to that new payment method. If you wish, you can delete your Paypal account later.

Click Add a new payment

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