How to update Firefox on any device

It’s always important to stay up to date with updates, which also counts for your browser. Don’t forget to keep Firefox up to date, no matter what device you’re using. Here’s how to do it.

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Go to Firefox for desktop Settings -> General -> Firefox Update. For Firefox for Android or iOS, go to Google Play Store or App Store to update the app.

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How to update Firefox for desktop

First, click the Hamburger menu in the far right of the top bar of your browser. Then, select Settings.

Firefox's hamburger menu has been expanded, the settings button has been highlighted.

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Next, scroll down General Settings menu section. You will find Firefox update Here is the section. Select whether you want Firefox Installed automatically Update Or You want to install them The first

The Updates section of Firefox's General Settings menu for the desktop.

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How to install updates in Firefox for Android or iOS

To install the Firefox update on Android, go to the Google Play Store and update the app from there. For iOS, go to the App Store and update the app there.

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Do I need to update Firefox?
You should update Firefox whenever a new update is published. This keeps you as secure as possible, since updates often contain security patches that deal with vulnerabilities that may affect you. Keeping any software updated is best practice, but keeping your browser up to date is very important.

Does Firefox update automatically?
Firefox is set to update automatically when you download the browser, but you can turn it on or off in the settings menu. It is recommended that you allow Firefox to update automatically to stay safe and up to date.

What’s the latest Firefox update?
The latest Firefox update of April 2022 is Firefox 99.0, which includes various security fixes and a shortcut for description in ReaderMode, support for searching in PDF mode with or without diacritic, and much more.

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