How to use eBay gift cards for your next purchase

You can use the eBay gift card to pay for all or part of your next purchase on the site. They also give a great gift if you are not sure what someone will want. However, it can be difficult to figure out where to redeem them on eBay.

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Quick answer

To use an eBay gift card to pay for an item, enter the redemption code at checkout.

How To Use Ebay Gift Cards

So you’ve got yourself a gift card. Now you are probably wondering how to use it? The first task is to find the redemption code. Scratch the back cover to reveal the code on a physical card. With a digital card, eBay will email you the code.

When you find an item you want to purchase, you can use that code to apply the gift card for your purchase. Once you’ve reached the checkout stage of purchasing an item, scroll to the bottom of the page and enter the redemption code. Gift cards and Coupon Field

Ebay gift card

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Select Please apply See your new total. Check the details to make sure the calculation is correct before selecting Make sure to pay. You can check the balance of your gift card here.

Yes, you need an eBay account registered in the country where the card was purchased You can create an eBay account at any time.

What if I return something I bought with an eBay gift card?

If you return an item purchased with a gift card, the amount you used will be refunded to your account.

How do you get your money back from an eBay gift card?

If you use a gift card to purchase an item, you will not receive a refund unless you request a refund.

How do I redeem an eBay gift card for cash?

You cannot use an eBay gift card to buy bullion, coins, paper money, virtual coins or coupons.

Where can I buy an eBay gift card?

You can buy these in different stores. For a complete list of retailers, click here.

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