How to use PlayStation Remote Play

With PlayStation Remote Play, you can stream your PS5 or PS4 games from your console to your phone, tablet, laptop or desktop. This means you can pause your game on your TV and open the PS Remote Play app to continue gaming on your mobile device and vice versa. Here’s how to use PS Remote Play to stay away from home.

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Quick answer

To use PS Remote Play, enable Remote Play on your PlayStation console, then open the app on your phone and sign in with your PSN account to sync devices.

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What is PS Remote Play?

PS Remote Play is an app that lets you continue gaming on the go. You can stream your PS4 and PS5 games, switch between games, navigate the home screen, and browse console menus on any compatible device connected to a Wi-Fi network, or using your mobile data.

With the app, you can start playing with your PlayStation console on a TV, pause your game, and open the PS Remote Play app on your mobile device, and your game will be there, ready to continue playing from where you left off. Or you can turn on your PlayStation console and start playing directly from the app without turning on your TV.

PS Remote Play

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You can use touch-screen controls to control your games on a smartphone or tablet. You can plug in your DualSense controller to play on your console on a laptop or desktop. The app is free to use and is a great addition to any PlayStation gamer.

How to set up your PlayStation console for remote play

First, select Settings From the Home screen, then navigate to System-> Remote Play And turn on Enable remote play.

Enable remote play

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To start remote play while your PS5 console is in rest mode, select Energy saving Just below to manage what features are available in rest mode.

Remote play rest mode

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Turn on Stay connected to the internet And enable PS5 is being launched from the network.

How to set up your mobile device for remote play

Download the Remote Play app on your Android or iOS device. Be aware that remote play uses much more data than most video streaming services. So if you use remote play with mobile data, be careful not to exceed your data cap and avoid a big phone bill.

Turn on PS Remote Play on your mobile device and then select Sign in to PSN. Use the same account for your PS5 console. Tap the gear icon in the upper right to open Settings List.

PS Remote Play Settings

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Tap Appropriate Creator And enable Use mobile data.

PS Remote Play Mobile Data

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To track how much data you are using, you can turn on Notify me when using mobile data. Every time you start remote play using mobile data, you get a notification. You can reduce the image quality to save mobile data. To do this, select Video quality for streaming.

PS Remote Play Video Quality

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Since the PS Vita was a portable gaming device designed by Sony to use Remote Play, it works very well with this feature. However, Remote Play will work fine on any compatible device if you have a strong internet connection.

Does PS Remote Play work with PS4?

Yes, you can follow the same steps in the guide to set up PS Remote Play on your PS4.

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