Hunter: American teens don’t care about Metavers

Screenshot of Samsung's 837x Metavers in Decentland


  • Studies show that teens in the US are not fascinated with Metaverse
  • Almost half are not interested and have no plans to buy VR equipment

Metavers may be all the rage for companies large and small, but those companies can seriously over-evaluate its application among teenagers.

Metavers refers to the online 3D worlds, immersed in virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality (AR). In many ways, this is the next evolution of current VR technology. Meta (formerly Facebook), Microsoft, Epic and many more are investing billions in their claims to a growing market. Unfortunately for the companies involved, a survey of Piper Sandlers among 7,100 U.S. teens shows that they are not so excited about Metavers.

What’s more, 48% of teens are unsure, or completely uninterested, in their interest in Metaverse. Only 9% of teens are interested in it and plan to buy equipment, whereas 18% are moderately interested and can buy equipment. The remaining 25% are interested in Metaverse, but have no plans to shop.

Meta recently made headlines when it announced that it would charge content creators 47.5% commission on content they created for Metaverse. Meta may set itself up for half, due to the apparent lack of interest from the population that is going to create or break its success.

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